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Brides Are Doing Pre-Wedding Photoshoots In Shorts, Jeans And Candid Poses. We Love How Brides Are No Longer Shy

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I am the kind of person who would take forever to get ready and dressed and would be distracted every five minutes only to be yelled at and rushed through the door with half my stuff in my hands. And, I am pretty sure I’d continue this trend on my wedding too. I would probably be munching on fries and roaming in bridal robe until the very last minute, particularly until they play din shagna da and I have to throw on my lehenga to get going. Good for me, the pre-wedding bridal photoshoots are all about capturing the bride-to-be in her element so I don’t have to worry about getting ready couple of hours prior to my dramatically filmy bridal entry. Yes, that’s happening.

While pre-wedding bridal photoshoot isn’t a new concept but brides today (and the insanely talented wedding photographers) have definitely found creative ways to make the pictures cooler, sassier and more importantly, outright authentic. Now, the bridal photoshoots aren’t too posey and made up, you know those peeping through henna decorated hands and pretending to fasten the earring? They are more candid and have a personal aesthetic to them. The brides of today prefer putting in their bespoke style and sass into their wedding pictures.

Brides of 2020 (and early 2021), since there isn’t much time left to plot your prewedding photoshoot, mainly because there are possibly million other things on your plate right now, let us help you out with some inspiration. Take a look at how brides are playing cool in their totally unconventional and candid bridal photoshoot and steal some ideas for your own.

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Who said only outdoors and bedrooms are perfect locations for bridal photoshoots? Probably the people who also said red is the only fitting colour for a bridal lehenga. This bride is proving them all wrong with her sexy shoot in a bathtub.


Okay, this is me five years later. This bride started with her photoshoot without even getting her HMU done in a cozy bathrobe, because bae can wait, Insta pictures cannot.


If someone asks what a bridechilla looks like, show them this picture. We love how she casually laid her lehenga on the grass rather than carefully hanging it on a hanger.


There’s literally no time to not have a chocolate and indulge in deep thoughts especially when you are thinking about your exotic honeymoon you’ve been planning for months. Might as well make it a part of your bridal photoshoot.


Oh, nothing, just a badass bride chilling in her shorts and sneakers on a sofa with legs crossed. NBD.

With your lehenga being the fixture (or a saree or gown, whatever you are opting for), you can play up your look to illustrate your true self in your wedding picture by pairing your bridal top with either loungewear or denim shorts or skirt and sneakers. You could be a sporty chic bride who replaced the traditional heels with sneakers or just a cool bride who’s lazing around in her PJs until the baraat arrives. There are a bunch of options and you could even use props like a cool pair of shades or a bottle of wine or a slice of pizza to make your bridal photoshoot special and gram-worthy.

This also is a brilliant idea since once you actually are all decked up with that dupatta secured over your head and a heavy lehenga on your waist, it won’t be a cakewalk to even move your hands freely, let alone having a fun photoshoot. However, with your sneakers and denims, you can dance around, throw kicks and pose the way you want for your wedding pictures. Once you get your hair and makeup done, get photoshoot-ready with your quirky casual outfits and pose away as a truly happy and chill bride.

Gone are the days when brides used to play all coy and dainty for the photoshoots. Honestly, I would literally burst out laughing if I tried to act like that. I wouldn’t be able to pull off that act of a shy little bride for even a whole minute. These honest photoshoots with brides having a moment on their big day is what makes the wedding pictures extremely authentic and beautiful. And we are loving it.

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