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Body Positive Model Nidhi Sunil Talks About The Skin And Body Positivity. It’s What We All Need To Hear

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For years, women have been conditioned to believe that there is only one acceptable way to be beautiful. Skinny, fair and flawless skin. If you are already blessed with these bodily features, good for you. If not, you better work towards it and lose weight, use face lightening products and absolutely get rid of those marks and scars or you won’t find a good job or a suitable match, basically a happy life. Who says these things? Not just the people around you but brands who promote fairness creams and lack size diversity in their clothing are also sending across this message. That we, women with a different body type or uneven complexion, don’t fit. In the world of beauty filters, highly photoshopped ads and models with nearly perfect bodies, it becomes really difficult to believe anything else than these predetermined beauty standards. However, there are celebrities and models who are not only challenging these stereotypes and are thriving in their careers, but also preaching the real meaning of beauty which lies in accepting your true self. 

Whether you saw Nidhi Sunil strutting down the runways in a leading designer’s show or maybe you follow her for her body positive content and empowering posts on Instagram, you would know how this supermodel is one inspiring woman reigning social media. From winning the Vogue Model Of The Year Award to becoming the face of one of the global beauty brand L’Oréal, Nidhi has come a long way. What makes her truly unique though in this competitive profession is her nonconformist attitude towards the prevailing beauty standards for models and basically women overall.  

She refuses to hide her freckles or pimples and flaunts her gorgeous toasty complexion which is often considered a bane for Indian women. Doesn’t matter to her. She makes her own rules and when it comes to beauty, she believes that accepting yourself and thinks that being healthy is what makes you beautiful. Plus, she stresses on the fact that in the contemporary world, beauty is all about self-love and doing whatever makes you feel beautiful, whether it is makeup or a good skincare. 

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She said in an interview, “The dynamics of beauty have been changing throughout history but the way the women of today define beauty is the most exciting to me. Beauty in contemporary times is about accepting and loving yourself, whether it’s a great skincare routine or a favourite makeup look to make you feel uplifted. It’s a step inwards and anything that makes you feel good about your sense of self. Personally, for me beauty is when I feel healthy in a holistic way; when I take the time to take care of my body, nutrition, skin and mind.” We totally agree. 

Nidhi Sunil has always celebrated her skinny body type, dusky skin, natural hair and skin woes like freckles and acne, and inspired her female followers to not only accept themselves but take pride in their unique features. A lot of celebrities are also pushing more real content and getting candid about their insecurities, flaws and body image issues now and this could really help real women to embrace themselves. This is needed now more than ever since it’s extremely easy to be deceived by the superficial beauty in the world of social media.  

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