6 Things That Men Do That Hinder Women’s Mental Health Without Realizing It


Men are an important part of our lives, we live in a society made by them and mostly made for them. They perform many roles; they can be a father, brother, colleague, boss, husbands, etc. They might have various roles but their status is almost always higher than women’s in this male-dominated patriarchal society. Even in the modern 21st century, it’s a dream for a woman to have equal status to a man. This higher status attributed to men has caused a huge burden on women’s mental health. But, don’t get me wrong, there are a few men who are not actually doing it on purpose.


With each successive generation, men are growing more aware of women’s rights and equal status. But unconsciously there are some ways almost every man in a woman’s life is pulling her down, affecting her mental health and making her question her worth. We have listed some of them here for you. 


6 Things That Men Do To Hinder Women’s Mental Health

1. The Blame Game


It’s easy for every man to sit in judgement and decide what the women did wrong in every possible situation even for matters like rape and then simply blame them for it. This can be noticed not only in the small things like their child’s poor performance in school but also in epics like Mahabharat, where Draupadi is blamed for the war. This continuous practice damages a woman’s self-confidence and makes her feel helpless and alone.

2. Not Valuing Her Opinions 


This is the most common practice to suppress the voice of a woman. Men generally are more prone to agree with the ideas that come from other men. Most women experience this in their houses and especially at their workplaces. It’s like their views don’t hold the same value as that of a man. This unfair treatment often makes them feel underappreciated and even makes them question their abilities. 

3. Ridiculing Women With Jokes


We all might have heard some jokes where a woman is the subject of humour. This type of humour can sometimes be downright cruel. It has turned into a toxic way to express how stupid, useless and unworthy a woman is but, in a funny way, so we can’t get upset about it, right? These jokes are subtle ways of putting a woman down. They are humour-coated insults and they naturally impact a woman’s self-esteem and make the situation uncomfortable for her.

4. Calling Them ‘Too Demanding’

Every woman can relate to this because we know how it feels to be labelled as “too demanding” even for asking for the bare minimum. From material to emotional support, every woman has been accused of this by some man in her life. I mean, even asking for communication, and expecting a day out or a gift on special occasions becomes too demanding for men. This takes a serious toll on every woman’s mental well-being. Remember, she starts to expect less and less and grows unhappier with each rude refusal of her basic requirements. 

5. Men Have To Have It Their Way 

It’s very common for a woman to have to go along with some plan even in cases where they weren’t entirely sure of it. This is because most men cannot rest until they get what they want. They will badger you, try to convince you, or sometimes just simply won’t take no for an answer so, the woman tends to end up agreeing to disagree. They will eventually make her feel powerless and leave her filled with regret and hurt. 

6. They Love To Take All The Major Decisions

In most families, it’s the father who is the deciding factor for every decision irrespective of the mother’s choice. Sometimes the woman would be heard but the decision won’t be taken unless the man agrees, whereas the vice versa doesn’t stand to be true. This inferior treatment of women often makes it hard for them to trust themselves, and make their own decisions. Thereby, causing them distress and anxiety.

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We live in a society which is aware of the importance of equal status for men and women. It is a society which is putting in hard work towards equality. Therefore, we need to see that these subtle and often ignored ways of making women feel inferior and inadequate are noticed and stopped. Women need to stand up for themselves and men need to be more aware of what they do and the consequences of these actions. It’s about time we move in the right direction. 

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