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5 Celebrity Couples Who Matched Their Outfits And Convinced Us To Try Twinning With Bae

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Stealing from your boyfriend’s wardrobe is a given in a relationship. Curling up on a couch in his hoodie or walking around in his shirt is the most comforting thing ever, especially when you are missing him. I have always felt that there’s something about clothes that connect you two on a deeper level and that’s probably why couples match their outfits on their weddings and other events. Also, nothing says you are in love more than your matching style. And celebrities do it all the time on red carpets, airports and while getting their morning coffee across the streets. If you have always wanted to twin with your boyfriend, what are you waiting for? If you don’t know how to start or convince him to give in to the trend, we have got you. Keep reading. 

We are not just talking about colour coordinating your outfits because that’s something you probably already do with bae, accidentally or purposefully (*wink*), but you could go one level up and try the twinning trend. Don’t worry it’s not really a competition of who wore it better just channeling fashion into your relationship to make everyone green with envy. Now, I know you and your SO probably have different style statements altogether. You could be into sequins, him–not too much. His boring wardrobe with browns and greys could be off-putting for you while he could say no to giving in to your obsession with reds and purples. We know.

However, there are some classic colours and unisex fashion staples that you both could wear and match your outfits. For those who are blessed with the real-life Ranveer Singh in their life, you know, a really fashion savvy boyfriend with no inhibitions when it comes to colour or style, you really don’t have a problem there and could ace twinning effortlessly. Well, we have some twinning inspiration for every kind of couple here straight from some power couples of Bollywood. Here are how these celebrities nailed twinning and convinced us to match with our special someone too.   

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Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra Jonas 


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Nickyanka have twinned their outfits a number of times and this isn’t a surprise since they are one fashion plate of a couple. From wearing all white at the Met Gala to matching their street style, they always nail it. Here they both are wearing a basic white tee with sleeves rolled up and shorts. While PeeCee chose denim shorts, Nick wore black gym shorts for their cycling date.  

Genelia And Riteish 



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Couples who suit up together, stay together! How cute are Genelia And Riteish Deshmukh in these powersuits. Genelia wore a red pantsuit with white heels and a white top underneath, while Riteish wore a pink suit with a printed white shirt and sneakers. This is perfectly colour coordinated and we just got another reason to gush over this cute couple.   

Deepika Padukone And Ranveer Singh


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Deepveer knows exactly how to twin for their airport looks. They have done it before so there is no room for any faux pas. They stick with classic genderless peices like denim jackets and neutral colours mostly, although we know for a fact that Ranveer would have no problem wearing anything his wife owns (he might outshine her, in fact). But this look is totally steal-worthy, easy and your boyfriend would be on board too. 

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor


The newbie couple Alia and Ranbir have made quite a few public appearances but this airport look with their matching outfit is one of the best looks they have sported. They wore almost identical beige jacket and trousers and wore a tee underneath. This doesn’t seem to be a fashion fluke to us but a well-thought out look and we approve. 

Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja


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How could the super stylish couple who own their own fashion labels miss out on this twinning trend, right? Well, their version of twinning might be a bit different (read chic street style) but you can take cues on how to do it from the fashionable duo. They both wore sporty outfits with the same colour scheme–black and white and similar prints and patterns which you can find in yours and his closet easily.

Happy twinning!

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