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2020’s Biggest Fashion Trends That Never Saw The Light Of Day, Because Pandemic. We Want To See Them Resurrected Post-Covid

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If there was a special jail or hell for years, 2020 would so be going down. It’s been so cruel and we aren’t even done with the whole year yet. And, it’s not just the coronavirus. If the life-threatening epidemic wasn’t enough, there are floods, earthquakes, explosions and what not nearly every day. Honestly, I don’t care if WHO puts out guidelines allowing us venture out tomorrow, I am not leaving my house until 2021 for my own safety.

Being at home 24/7 (for what, six months now?) has left me fashionably challenged. Before the pandemic started, I could at least call myself a reasonably stylish person and but now I am not sure. I am lounging in my sweats all day and have not kept a tab on fashion trends for so long, let alone trying them out.

So, I was simply satiating my fashion hunger by reading up about the highly anticipated fashion trends of 2020 that we were supposedly going to “see everywhere” (lol) and realised they eventually went down in the dumps, cause corona. Curious to know what these trends were that never really picked up due to the pandemic? Here you go.

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Shoes Tied Over Pants


Strappy sandals never go out of style but that doesn’t mean you have to wear it the same boring way every time. You know, you could tie them around your legs and team them with a dress that’s not long enough. Well, the trendsetters found an incredibly stylish way to wear your strappies in 2020—tied over the pants. We could have never imagined a look that basically reminds us of a paper bag tied with strings could look so chic. Alas, it enjoyed the stardom for a few months and died since we stuffed our strappy sandals (and pants) back in the closet and have been relying on flip-flops and sliders in the quarantine (not complaining).

Big Bags


After being obsessed with the micro bags for nearly a couple of years, it was finally time to make some (okay, much) space for the huge, oversized bags in the year 2020. However, as life would have it, we don’t really step out anymore. And even if we do, the sensible thing is to carry a small sling, just spacious enough to stuff a tiny bottle of sanitizer and extra mask, or better yet shove your safety staples in your pocket and leave the extra baggage at home. These super-spacious bags could really come in handy though, so I hope I get to see them post-Covid.

Power Suits, The Party Edition

Power suits aka pant suits have been dominating the fashion world for quite some time but they got invented this year to not be limited to just your workwear wardrobe. The redefined style featured elongated jacket, fancy statement sleeves (slit or oversized) and loose-cut pants. The party edition of the dapper ensemble also came in gorgeous colours, prints and styles. They were shimmery or quirky and in short fabulous, but as of now, they are dead somewhere in a designer’s storehouse. Because let’s face it, partying in the corona times is no less than an episode of Fear Factor.

Leather Shorts


Super sexy and chic, leather shorts were going to take the summer of 2020 by storm, or that’s what we heard back in the beginning of the year. The high-waisted itsy bitsy shorts that were equal parts trendy and classy never went from runway to streets but are having a moment on the Instagram so let’s be content with that. This variation of hot pants is not necessarily black and that’s the best thing about them. Pastels and deep colours that are usually an unconventional colour choice for leather items was making a debut before it was shelved for good. But a little birdie told us, it is going to stick around.

Bra Tops


Bra tops are not the new WFH tops and there’s a reason for that. The craze for itsy bitsy bra tops and tube tops was pretty evident as the year started off but now they are better stacked in the far corners of your closet. You don’t want to show up in a bra top for an online office meeting, definitely not with all the Zoom call blunders making headlines these days. They are funny but only when it’s happening to someone else. I am not sure if we are going to see it again next summer but they don’t stand a chance this year in the work-from-home setting for sure.

If things were normal, and not new normal, we would be out on streets pulling off these trends but we have to come to terms with the early and untimely end of these fashion trends. Here’s hoping they revive next season so they can have their fair due and we don’t miss out on flaunting such gorge fashion statements.

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