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2 Years To Manmarziyaan And I Think It’s The Modern-Day Fairytale That Makes You Believe In Love And Mistakes

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Two years ago, when Anurag Kashyap’s Manmarziyaan released, I watched it with my best friend in the theatre without having any clue that it would mean so much to me. How often Bollywood movies show characters that are real and make the mistakes that we normally do? Indian cinema has a way of idealizing lead characters, especially women. We’ve seen women being the torch-bearers of sanskaars and not indulging in vices, not making any errors – almost as if she has to be a Goddess to be considered good. Rumi wasn’t ideal but she was real and her struggles felt too close to home.

Rumi (Taapsee Pannu) was in love – in all-consuming and passionate love – with Vicky (Vicky Kaushal), a guy who knew too little about responsibilities and commitment. Now, I am not talking about not making her his girlfriend (although we have been through that). I am talking about committing to marry her. They loved each other. It’s not like his love wasn’t enough. But it came without the prospect of growing into marriage and such love, even though full of passion, has an expiry date.

Vicky was perfect otherwise – the kind of happiness and joy Rumi felt in his arms was blissful, to say the least. She was having the time of her life, he was fun! He climbed roofs to meet her, made passionate love to her, and probably gave her the best orgasms. He was the kind of man we get attracted to.

Have you ever felt so drawn to that man who is charming, dynamic and there’s so much sexual chemistry? Have you ever been broken by this very man because that didn’t feel enough? A guy who couldn’t offer you stability, commitment, or just didn’t have the emotional maturity to sustain a relationship? It really does hurt and when I watched the movie, I was going through a similar phase. I could connect to the pain that she felt being let down by the guy she had such a strong connection with.

But Manmarziyaan worked like a modern-day fairytale. After Vicky fails to stand for her, she finds Robbie (Abhishek Bachchan) and even though she didn’t want it, life had different plans. Here’s how this movie will heal you and make you stronger when it comes to recovering from a fuckboi.

  • Rumi stood for herself and so should you

When I was in love with someone who was like Vicky in several ways, for the longest time I couldn’t keep my foot down for what I want. Eventually, I did and I am glad I stood for myself and didn’t go along with him taking for granted my presence in his life. Rumi, wanted Vicky to take a stand for her and marry her. He bailed and she decided to walk out. It’s not like she wasn’t in pain but one of them needed to end things for their life stories to move forward and it has to be the stronger one. How many of us stay hooked to that guy who is so charming because our hearts are too weak to let go? Toughen up, girl. You deserve better.

  • The show must go on, even if it feels like it won’t

You feel heartbroken. You feel that love like this will never come to you again. And maybe it really shouldn’t – not love that’s so passionate that there is no logic in it. We need passion but we also need stability. We need commitment. And Robbie gave that to Rumi and she decided to take it, prematurely but she did.

  • You deserve love for who you are

Rumi was confused and couldn’t get a handle on her emotions. She jumped in to marriage way too quickly and then ended up cheating on her husband with her ex-lover. Robbie manipulated the circumstances to get Rumi and Vicky couldn’t commit to a woman he loved. But they realised their mistakes. It didn’t make them bad humans and they deserve to be loved. It’s okay, if you are flawed and if you made mistakes. You will find someone who sees your flaws and doesn’t judge you.

  • Healing is important

Don’t jump into another relationship like Rumi did. It will only make you not completely devoted to one as your heart will be in your past. But healing will come to you and then when you make a fresh start, your new relationship will have a better chance at lasting. When Rumi realises that she actually loves Robbi and she fucked up by sleeping with Vicky is the moment we don’t want. Heal so you can give the best of you. And the worse of you but all of you to it.

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  • You will find your Robbie and you will fall in love again

Eventually, you will heal. You will realise you can love again and that love isn’t about madness but about selflessness. Love is when someone accepts you, gives you the time and space to heal, respects your comfort and won’t wrong you, intentionally. Robbie did everything he could to support her and didn’t push her. He was sure of Rumi and loved her selflessly. This is what you deserve and don’t let anything make you believe otherwise.

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