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We Found A Body Scrub That Takes Off All The Grime And Leaves You Smelling Like A Delicious Cupcake

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I hate the idea of taking a shower. I know it’s thoda weird, but I am who I am. Please don’t judge. I’ll tell you why I despise showering so much. I mean, we shower to stay clean, but are we really clean by just scrubbing ourselves with a soap? No, right? That’s when I started showering with a loofah, and I finally understood why people take baths. It takes out all the dust and grime that’s been sitting on my skin, without a worry in the world and then I pop around, scrubbing them away except that one bacteria dude who always escapes. But hey, he gets away with Dettol also, I am okay.

And I am sure it’s not just me that has these first world problems. The problem here is the enthusiasm – my own, not of the loofah’s. The thing is, once I am in the shower, I am all gung ho and will scrub my skin so much, I lose the first layer of dirt, my skin and possibly a couple of kilos. I look red and raw when I come out of the shower so I am starting to think it’s not a great idea. To save my skin, I switched to The Body Shop’s Warm Vanilla body scrub. ‘Cause it’s gentle on your skin and will do the job perfectly as well.

The reasons I brought this product were A) It said warm vanilla and it’s still surprisingly cool in Mumbai so I just had to get this one and B) I desperately needed a body scrub! As soon as I opened this box of happiness, the aroma of this took over the room and I was floored and must admit, was tempted to take a lick of this deliciousness. FYI, I didn’t. The product is very thick and is a little grainy as well, which helps exfoliate and remove dead skin from the body. I used a good amount for both my arms and scrubbed well. And guess what? No skin was shredded then. The thick layer is a little difficult to spread at once, but once it’s spread you can easily scrub out everything using only your hands. You won’t need anything else!

The scrub easily comes off at a go. After I took off the scrub, my skin comes alive again. It was soft like a baby’s butt and smooth as well. And the best part is that the fragrance lasted me long enough to ask my colleagues to sniff me. Yeah, we are very close that way. I would suggest this product to you for the winters – it’s great to combat dry skin. This will surely get rid of it and give you the new soft skin you deserve!


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