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This 3-in-1 Makeup Stick Is What You Need To Add To Your Vanity RN!

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You know at this point I’ve so much makeup I could resell it on Nykaa. So many just goes to waste because I they’re kept far behind and I have forgotten about them. They’re probably crying for help rn and I can’t hear them. It’s so difficult to keep a track of what all do you have and specially while traveling you end up carrying more makeup than clothes (only if you’re like me).

There is no end to this. I always end up buying stuff that looks remotely beautiful and cute. No wonder I’m constantly so poor because I am investing my money in makeup and not bitcoin. Ugh.

Moving on, even when it comes to makeup Ive wanted convenience. Like everything in one, so I can carry that on product everywhere and just touch up a little here and there. No, that still won’t stope me from buying more products but it’ll make my life so much easier if I could carry that one thing everywhere.

That’s when I came across Renee’s The Fab Face. It’s a three in one stick or a pencil that we used as a kid, where you’d take off the top one and put it at the end when it got blunt so it’s something like that. The stick has a eyeshadow, blush and a lipstick. What else does one need?? Highlighter? Use the eyeshadow pencil as a highlighter.

They have two types – 1) Nude & 2) Diva. The names speak for themselves. And the small pens glides of smoothly and goes back in very smoothly too. You just have to put a lot of concentration into not get them to the touch anything or else you’ll have a scratched tip.

But overall I love this easy to use product and I definitely recommend to all the makeup junkies out there


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