5 Smokey Eyes Tutorials For New Year’s Eve

I must’ve said this quite a few times but there’s no harm in repeating it: I LOVE eye make-up. I don’t care if it’s glittery, shimmery, neutral, dramatic, graphic or coloured, I love them all. The bolder the better is my mantra. And what’s the party season without some smokey eye inspiration, right? Here are five of the most insanely beautiful smokey eye tutorials I’ve seen lately that I’m aching to try for New Year’s Eve.

1. Rose Gold Smokey Eyes

You’ve got to admit, rose gold beats regular gold hands down. Whether it’s jewellery or make-up, give me rose gold over plain gold any day. This video by stillGLAMORUS has a dreamy, mermaid-like quality. I’ve been following her on social media for ages now and she always hits the bull’s eye with her tutorials. The lashes are crucial to nailing this look.


2. Glitter Bombshell Smokey Eye

What is the holiday season without some glitter? It’s probably the only time of year when you can wear glitter as an adult and get away with it. For this look, start with your eyes first because the loose glitter pigments are inevitably going to fall on your cheeks and under eye no matter how careful you are. You can work your base make-up once you have cleaned the fallout.


3. Sparkly Glam Smokey Eye

What do you when you belong to the group who isn’t fond of  in-your-face glitter? You opt for eyeshadows that are loaded with micro-shimmer. It’s much softer and easier to carry off, especially for those girls who’ve just forayed into smokey eye make-up.


4. Hailey Baldwin-Inspired Smokey Eye

Even though using colours like black, navy blue, and brown sounds like a little too much, it’s a look you can easily carry off when you stick to a matte palette and stay well within the crease of your eye lid. I’ve worn smokey eyes in a similar colour combination and it has never looked overpowering. Trust me!


5. Smokey Grey Eyes

Nothing’s more sultry than a purple-grey smokey eye. Grey is not an easy colour to carry off. You can easily go wrong because even though it’s a neutral colour it tends to look quite cool. But if you can wear this well, more power to you. You go girl!

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