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This 3D Nail Polish Is Aindrila’s New Way Of Doing Nail Art

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I’m not particularly in favour of gel nails. And there are good enough reasons for it. Besides all the chemical process that you have to put your natural nails through, the very thought of having to sit at the salon endlessly is painful enough for me never to venture that path (opting for gel nails and to top it off with nail art, that is!).

Yes, they look all pretty and chic, no one’s ever denied that. But hey, if I can figure my way around to getting nails that are just as sexy, without the trauma of this rather fastidious cosmetic regimen, I’d rather opt for that.

My search has finally ended with Sally Hansen’s Magnetic Nail Colours. The shade that particularly caught my attention is 901 Golden Conduct. Metallics never go out of style, and they look perfectly spiffy when applied on your well-manicured nails. Also, the 3D effect is just what you need, to give the impression of professionally done nail art.


Nyka Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Colour_Hauterfly

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Golden Conduct


What I love about this particular Sally Hansen nail polish is that it actually contains metallic particles to create a pattern on your nails for an amazing effect that almost looks like 3D nail art. Yes, you read that right! And it all takes just a few minutes, vis-a-vis a rather expensive visit to the salon.

The nail polish itself isn’t very cheap (it costs close to a grand), but hey, imagine the number of visits to the nail art studio you’ll actually save on with this one-time investment. Plus, it dries fast and doesn’t chip easily. What more can a girl with pretty nails ask for, right?

SHOP NOW: Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color in Golden Conduct (Rs 905)


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