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Priyanka’s Ode To Her “Indian-ness” With A Bindi Is Superficial and Lame

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Everyone knows the story of how Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas met at the Met Gala and how things unfolded since then. So, obviously, this event is special to them. This time they turned up together, you know, because they are married and all.

The couple were wearing a mix of designers – Dior and Chopard – an unexpected choice since they have previously favoured Ralph Lauren. The couturier was the reason the two came together in 2017 at the Met. Ralph Lauren even designed their wedding outfits, so we were surprised that they would go with anybody else.

Now the jury is out on what Priyanka was wearing. Analogies have been drawn to the Mad Hatter and how her hairdo is probably inspired by his look. Frankly, it made me want to run a comb through her hair. There’s the exaggerated silver eyeliner, the crazy lashes and all that, and everything is a take off on the theme – camp and exaggeration! But then, she’s also seen sporting a bindi. And here’s where it starts to go downhill.

We get it, Priyanka. You’re Indian. You want to wear that on your sleeve. But when the theme is to go all out and possibly achieve a more whimsical take on fashion and culture, this just seems a tad forced and annoying. In an interview on the red carpet, Priyanka talks about how she is “an amalgamation of the east and the west” and implied that this year the bindi is her way of showing off her culture, of celebrating it.

Come on Priyanka, you know better than to use a bindi to bring to fore your roots. Wearing a bindi to celebrate our culture is literally the worse way to do it, and possibly the most superficial. You know, like the firangs who attend Indian weddings and will ensure they’ve a bindi to make sure they’ve got the desi feels down pat.

We didn’t love Priyanka’s outfit, but hey, it’s okay. It’s the bindi we are really struggling with. Is it cultural appropriation if a person of your country does it?

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