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#AskHauterfly: How To Get Straight Hair With No Heat?

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Blow dryers, flat-irons, straightening brushes — all of these styling tools have one thing in common. Besides leaving your locks looking luscious on the outside, each one of them uses the element of heat in order to style the hair.

The temperature in most styling tools go up to 235°C, which is very damaging to your hair follicles. Even when heat protectant is applied prior to styling, the repercussions of constant styling will leave your hair dry, lifeless, and really, really damaged.

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Using a flat-iron or a dryer is probably the most common way people get their hair to stand straight. Nowadays, straightening your hair via the infamous iron is so common, that using it daily has become a norm by most — which isn’t a very good thing.

We know that monsoons can get the worst of your hair and heading for the heat is the most viable option…but not always.

Why not give this hair hack a try? Using absolutely no heat, this tutorial shows you how to use the age-old Egyptian method to straighten damp hair overnight, so that you literally wake up with an amazing mane.

So simple. So safe!


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