5 Apps Every Beauty Addict Should Have On Her Phone

5 Apps Every Beauty Addict Should Have On Her Phone

When you’re extremely particular about your beauty routine, it doesn’t take long for you to go from concerned to addicted in a matter of months. And once you’re there, there’s absolutely no looking back. If you’re like me, coming across cool beauty apps that are genuinely useful and efficient totally makes my day. Which is why I had to share my cool finds with you. To make your life a lot easier, check out these super interesting beauty apps.



1. My Glamm

This app is your best friend the minute you download it. I get super lazy every time I need to get waxed or threaded, and tend to push it all for the one weekend when I’m actually free. Going to the parlour and mentally preparing yourself before the deed is a lot of effort. This app provides a host of beauty services right at your doorstep. From waxing to manis and pedis, they take care of all your basic grooming needs, all in the comfort of your home. They also provide bridal makeovers, mehendi services and a variety of spa treatments. Just pick what you need, put in your preferred time, enter your location and choose a stylist. It’s that easy!

Download the app here: Android, iOS



2. Mirror

I think a lot of girls stopped carrying pocket-sized mirrors when we were introduced to the front camera of our phones, but given how uncomfortable they are when you need to apply make-up on the go, Mirror is a blessing in disguise. The app has an on-screen zoom and exposure control, which makes it better than your front camera as you can zoom into your face to check if you’ve applied your lipstick or eyeliner evenly. It also allows you to freeze the screen, which you can save as a photo and share it on social media if you’re so inclined. Isn’t your life simpler already?

Download the app here: Android, iOS



3. Sleepbot

Sleepbot tracks your sleep cycle and movements while you snooze. What I love most about the app it its ‘ambient noise’ and ‘smart wake up’ features, which give you soothing songs to listen to while you fall asleep or wake you up with gradual alarms within half an hour of your first alarm. It also helps you figure how to sleep faster or stay awake longer with its ‘solutions’ feature. Sleepbot also records sounds when you’re sleeping and has the option of play back for you to listen to. It’s fabulous if you want to check whether you talk in your sleep or snore! What’s more, it really helps to gradually wake you every morning depending on when your sleep cycle is the lightest. Now that’s one smart app!

Download the app here: Android, iOS



4. Think Dirty

Have you ever wondered about what goes in to make your lipstick or concealer? This app helps you figure the precise ingredients in your favourite make-up product. All you need to do is scan the barcode of said product and the app will break down down the information in easy to understand language for you. Get a better idea of how safe and clean your beauty products are by knowing the ingredients used in them. It helps you take better care of your skin by mentioning toxic ingredients in products which you should avoid buying. Think Dirty also gives you the option of shopping for cleaner products right from the app itself.

Download the app here: iOS



5. Beautylish

This app gives you beauty tips, make-up tutorials, the latest beauty trends and also allows you to shop for cool new products. If you don’t have the time or the inclination to view hundreds of YouTube tutorials and Pinterest boards, this app is for you. It has everything related to make-up and makes sure you don’t need anything else to be updated with the latest make up trends. You will also find product reviews to help you figure out which products to buy. It also gives you information on new product releases as well as step-by-step hairstyle tutorials your can DIY with ease. There’s also a lively forum for asking questions or answering beauty and make-up queries and connect with a community of equally beauty-conscious girls like yourself!

Download the app here: Android, iOS

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