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10 Stunning Photos Of The Mermaid Lips Trend!

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Today in unachievable Instagram trends, we have… mermaid lips! I don’t know about you, but mermaids have fascinated me ever since the first time I saw The Little Mermaid as a child. And now, Insta-beauty mavens and their ever-so-steady hands are slaying with stunning lip looks inspired by mermaids and all things aquatic. While I might attempt to give this trend a try at some point, for now, I’m satisfied with endlessly staring at these stunning images!


1. I have never seen such a beautiful use of art supplies to enhance makeup!


2. Speaking of art supplies, here’s a subtle way to use stencils on your lips!


3. If you like it dark, then this one isn’t hard to recreate. But you’ll definitely need lots of glitter!


4. Got to love Huda Beauty, and her wearable take on the trend.


5. I didn’t even know it was possible to have that many layers on your lip… stunning, nevertheless!


6. Concentrate different kinds of glitters around the center of your lip for the illusion of a fuller pout.


7. Lip stain reinterpreted: this one is my absolute favourite!


8. Mermaid lips don’t necessarily have to be complicated, just opt for a shimmer lipstick in aqua or blue. Dab some extra shimmer pigment all over for added sparkle.


9. Forget ombré, you can even opt for different colours on the upper and lower lip.


10. Now that lip definitely looks like it belongs in the sea!


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