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The Perfect Beauty Look For Your Zodiac Sign

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Admit it; whether we believe in it or not, we all love taking a peek at our horoscope for the week. According to some experts, it can predict everything from our sex lives to our travel plans.

Now, if we’ve already referred to the hundreds of makeup tips available on YouTube, done quizzes that determine the best look for our personality, and been fascinated with GOT style beauty, then really … why not give this a try too? Let your zodiac shine through with makeup tips made just for your zodiac sign!



Aries is one of the fire signs, signaling passion and enthusiasm. Their downfall? They can be impatient and a little hot-headed. Wear whatever ┬ámakes you feel most confident. You’re not one to go with the crowd, your confidence and ability to stand out is your best asset. So, highlighter, shimmer and one-of-a-kind hair accessories are your best bet. When you stick to what makes you feel good, you’ll always shine!



Taurus signifies a strong will and perseverance. On the flip side though, this could mean stubbornness, a quality that a Taurus should be careful about. A lesser known fact about this sign is, they love order and organisation, which can make them predictable, but hey… ain’t nothing wrong with that! It’s best if you follow a makeup routine on a daily basis. That is something you will stick to: it’s got to be practical and quick. You’ll be perfectly happy with liner, brows, and tinted moisturizer. That being said, concentrate more on the skincare than makeup for lasting radiance.



Your sign represents duality. Heck, many a Gemini have been blamed for being two-faced, but that’s not always the case! You’re a blend of extroversion and introversion. You may not always say what you feel and you may change your mind, so you rather not. Gemini is all about the spontaneity, so switch between simple makeup and a blow out contour, when you feel like it. Whatever the beauty look, it’ll suit your personality to sport one feature that stands out above the rest. So, soft makeup can be worn with edgy hair or statement nails! You could also do an easy blow out, worn with a beat face.



Say hello to a cardinal water sign. Here’s another sign that doesn’t always say what’s on their mind and that’s okay, they have a tendency to think things through before talking. You are always careful of other’s feelings, because you yourself are run by emotions. You seek stability and can be very romantic, once your partner gets to know you. So, bring out your feminine side with a little pink and red added to your makeup routine. Think roses when applying blush or add seductive shades of red and pink to your lips!



It’s true, you can always pick a Leo from a crowd. And a lion is known for its mane, so make sure your hair is always your stand-out feature. Here’s another confident sign that is loyal to the bone and super courageous! Although, admittedly, you do love to stand out like a diva, don’t you? So, play up any feature you’d like or play all of it up at once, if there’s one sign that can be experimental and always get away with it… that’s a Leo for sure.



A Virgo is always a perfectionist! Virgo is an earth sign, always striving for justice and order. This sophisticated and reliable sign should expect the same from their makeup routines! As someone who likes order and enjoys keeping it classy, opt for looks that are timeless. You can never go wrong with a winged liner and a red lip or a dewy-skinned makeup look. Your lashes, brows, and skin should always be on point, so when you look back at those selfies years from now, you won’t regret a thing!



Libra, the balance act, we all need this in our life! Not thoughts, nor emotions weigh too heavy on a Libra, as they always find a way to find equilibrium between the two. This gives Libra a very pretty quality. They enjoy the arts and so, they’re always down for a little experimentation. A Libra can surprise you with aqua eyeshadow or a peach pout. They’re the first to try Insta-trends that appeal to them, visually! At the end of the day, it’s all about keeping this picture perfect and pretty.



Welcome to yet another fierce and mysterious sign. Aside from these qualities, Scorpios can also be very sensual and sexy. Beware, you never know what they’re thinking and they can be hella intuitive. A Scorpio’s eyes are the window to their soul. Play up your sensuality by trying various eye makeup looks. Highlight your eyes as the feature of any look! And don’t forget, ain’t no good eye look without killer brows!



If you could identify hippies as one zodiac sign, Sagittarius would be it! They’re free-spirited, always down for new experiences, and answer to a higher purpose. Since your spirit can never be held down, you’ll want to concentrate on the travel beauty aspect, as you satisfy your wanderlust! Look out for organic, cruelty-free, or Ayurvedic brands available to you and go ham on their travel-sized packaging. For your hair, opt for something effortlessly chic with a fishtail braid or a messy top knot.



This earth sign is super grounded and they’ve always got their sh*t together. You can always rely on a Capricorn and that’s what makes them powerful. They’re all about the climb up to the top. Slow and steady wins the race! Plus, they’ve always got their feet planted firmly on the earth that they so love. So, opt for earthy colours like olives, browns, and beiges. This will enhance the best asset of your personality.



This water sign is all about reinvention! Your rebellious streak makes you completely unpredictable, but it could also mean you’re a genius with that creative quality. Electric blues are the colour that appeal to your water sign. In fact, there’s a blue for every occasion, right? From teal to navy, get your blue fix that I’m sure your vanity is already filled with. Play with blue liner, shadow, and maybe even try the ocean hair trend?



Another water sign, the Pisces sign has an ability to look deep inwards. They’re emotional, kind, and this means that they often live in a world made of dreams! A Pisces should balance their dreamy nature with discipline in life and work. They’re also optimistic, easy to be around, and thrive on all things water-based! So, keep your skin hydrated by drinking lots of water and using water-based products that are easy on the skin. A daily mist will do you good, so keep one in your bag and try using foundations and primers that are water-based, easily blendable on the skin.


Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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