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Lancome Signs On A New Model, And She’s 65!

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At 65, Isabelle Rossellini is the face of Lancome. Let’s just take a minute to process that. In an industry where beauty is measured by age, and a wrinkle could mean a death sentence, how does someone march in at 65 and become the face of an iconic beauty and skincare brand, again? We say again because Isabelle was with Lancome for 14 years before she was dropped by the brand in favour of a younger face. 

When she was signed on the first time in 1982,  she became the world’s highest paid model at the time. 14 years later, when the brand decided to move on, things got slow on the work front. Isabelle was affected but she forged her own path. 

Now, at 65, when most people are discussing retirement, Isabelle has been signed back on, and just revealed images for the campaign with Lancome on her Instagram account. The caption on the pictures specifically mention that the pictures are untouched. She looks stunning, unapologetic and absolutely owns her age, wrinkles, crows feet et al. 

The brand and Isabelle get our vote for shattering strait-jacketed notions of beauty and age. 

If we can look this good at 65, we will be thrilled. 


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