Exclusive: Kajal Aggarwal Swears By This Home Remedy For Her Wavy Hair

This Wavy Hair Queen Has Her Own Secrets!
Exclusive: Kajal Aggarwal Swears By This Home Remedy For Her Wavy Hair

Let’s take a moment to talk about the struggles we face in maintaining our gorgeous waves. Growing up, many of us embarked on a never-ending quest to style our hair, trying everything from heat tools to chemical treatments, all in pursuit of that elusive perfect look. But little did we know that these experiments were taking a toll on our precious locks. In an exclusive conversation with Hauterrfly, Kajal Aggarwal revealed that growing up she also had wavy hair and had done innumerable things to style it.

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Kajal Aggarwal who recently embraced motherhood with the arrival of her baby boy in April last year, has opened up about her hair care routine and shared some interesting insights. Growing up, she had naturally wavy hair, which played a significant role in shaping her unique identity. To maintain the health and beauty of her locks, Kajal swears by a tried and tested home care remedy – oiling her hair. For Kajal, the process of oiling her hair is not just about the physical benefits but also about the emotional connection she has developed with this age-old practice and being connected to her roots. Oiling has become a cherished ritual, allowing her to indulge in self-care and nurture her hair. The nourishing properties of the oil help to keep her hair well-hydrated, strong, and vibrant.

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However, Kajal, like many of us, has also experienced moments of curiosity and the desire to experiment with different hairstyles. She candidly shared a phase of her life when she ventured into the realm of hair straightening. In her quest for a different look, she resorted to using a cloth iron to straighten her hair. And that is why when asked about one such piece of advice she would like to share with the other wavy hair girls, the only thing she told was to leave her wavy hair alone.

So what kind of method did you choose to get your perfect look?

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