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My Hair Is Beautiful And Shiny Thanks To This Hair Oil And I Would Blindly Recommend It!

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I have nice hair (not bragging I swear). And since we are here and I like being a bit of a humblebrag, let me tell you my hair is the kind that can be featured in a hair commercial. But it did get here in one day. I put in blood, sweat and tears. Haha, okay, maybe I am being a bit dramatic but to take care of my hair,  I always hand my unsuspecting mum a bottle of hair oil on weekends, and she reluctantly applies it to my hair. Also, I don’t give her much choice!

Now, I have my own logic, everyone does, right? When it comes to oiling my hair I keep the oil for a day so my hair can continue absorbing it for as long as it likes to give me the nourishment/softness I am looking for. Apparently, that’s not it. Even if you wear the oil for 2-3 hours, it will do the job. Guess that logic was established out of sheer laziness.

Recently, I received a package from Innisfree, it was the Camellia hair care range and in it was a Camellia Head Massage Oil. I haven’t seen one at any Innisfree store so this was something new for me to try. Trust me, I was skeptical about the hair oil because I hadn’t tried anything beyond the ol’ school coconut hair oil.

I was highly curious about the product because it was especially curated at the Korean headquarters for the Indian market and is only available in India. And god knows that we know a thing or two about champi. A lot of Indian influencers or consumers in general swear by Korean beauty slash skincare products and I wanted to test how this hair product was going to fare.

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I don’t really spend a lot on my hair, to be honest, I like them the way they are. I don’t even take proper care of them, it wasn’t until recently that I started applying hair oil every weekend. I am ageing, okay?


I was excited now. My mother, on the other hand, wasn’t. But then she gave and  applied the oil. One of the first thoughts I had when she put it on was the lovely floral smell. This was so calming, I may have nodded off a little.  It could also be my mum’s massage. She may not be the best but works for someone who is forever tired.

When I woke up the next day my hair was definitely sticky but I guess I was expecting that.  I decided to adhere to the logic of keeping the oil for the rest of the day and so I did. Before going for a shower I thought I would have to  wash my hair multiple time to get the stickiness to get out of my hair, but I was so wrong. The oiliness was instantly washed off leaving my hair smooth, silky and absolutely shiny. Now, I have ad makers chasing me down and I am avoiding them.

PS: I have not stopped playing with my hair ever since.

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