#AskHauterfly: How Do I Sweat-Proof My Make-Up?

While everyone is gearing up to usher in cooler climes up North, Mumbai and other tropical parts of India are still dealing with sweltering heat. It’s a little difficult to think about winter-appropriate clothing and make-up when you’re perpetually stuck in Humidville. The biggest challenge for girls in sultry cities is to keep their make-up from melting in the heat. Add to that oily skin problems, and you’ve got double the trouble to handle. Here’s how you can sweat-proof your make-up with these simple tricks.


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1. Prep

You can’t look good with make-up on if your skin isn’t looking its best. Clean your face at least twice a day to get rid of excess sweat, oil and grime. Using a toner is a must, since open pores get clogged easily. No matter what your skin type is, use an oil-free moisturiser during the day. Wait for it to be completely absorbed (five minutes is good), then top it with sunscreen. If you have oily skin, try a water or gel-based sunscreen.


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2. Prime

It’s best to strip your make-up down to the bare minimum during the day, when it is hottest. An important step before doing your make-up is to use a primer; this helps to keep your make-up in place by giving foundation and other products something to adhere to. It also creates a smooth base and acts like a protective barrier over your skin. Use a mattifying primer if you have oily skin, and avoid silicone-based primers if your pores are prone to clogging.


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3. Base

I repeat this often: less is more. If you cake your face with heavy, creamy foundations, you’re just going to end up with a splotchy base. Use a light-weight foundation sparingly, and only on areas that need coverage. The idea is to cover blemishes but still let your skin show through. Your concealer should also be in a lightweight formula.


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4. Blush

Use a hint of blush, regardless of whether you use foundation or not. It gives you a healthy, flushed look and adds depth to your complexion. Although this may sound contradictory to everything we’ve been harping about till now, cream blushes are best for humid days. Cream formulations blend into your skin, while powder blushes merely sit on top of it. I’ve noticed that powder blushes fade off of my skin within an hour of application, whereas cream blushes stay on for hours no matter how much I sweat. They also fade in a more natural and even manner. If you want, you can top your cream blush with a light dusting of powder blush to set it. The powder will fade off eventually, leaving you looking naturally flushed.


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5. Avoid highlighters

Dewy skin is THE trend right now, but leave it to the weather to make you glow like you’ve been “lit from within”. Instead of a typical highlighter, use a concealer that’s two shades lighter than your skin tone to highlight your cheeks and brow bones.


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6. Waterproof everything

Eyeliner, eye pencils, kohl, mascara — everything has to be in a waterproof, smudge-free formula, as humid weather means you’re constantly wiping your face. Anything else will become horribly messy. If you’re going to use eyeshadow, prime your lids first, then use a cream eyeshadow before applying a powder one. This gives powder pigments something to adhere to. MAC Paint Pot in Soft Ochre works well.


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7. Tints and Mattes

Lip tints look best in humid weather, but I know it can get a little boring! Opt for lipsticks in matte formulas instead; a good matte lipstick won’t budge for hours. The idea here is to cut out all shine and gloss from your make-up and let your skin’s natural texture shine.

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