6 Ways To Revive Dull Skin After Partying Too Hard

You haven’t partied hard if you don’t wake up looking like Marilyn Manson the next morning. And while you can get away with nights of hard partying, downing too many cocktails, and a next-to-nothing after party skin care, you know there’s only so much your body can handle no matter how awesome your genes are.

So while most of us are equipped to tackle the after-effects of a night well spent, guzzling copious amounts of water and having citrusy juices to cleanse the system, what’s your plan of action to revive dull and tired skin? Allow us to help you resuscitate it.


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1. Take it off

It’s a terrible idea to go to bed with make-up on. But sometimes, even the best of us are too tired to clean up in the AM. Sleeping in make-up clogs pores and actually stretches them out, making them look larger. That’s bad news for oily-skinned girls who already have larger pores. Use this trick to deal with the situation.


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2. Wipe

While face wipes work well in taking off make-up, they’re not as effective with waterproof make-up. Use a good make-up remover to really clean your face when you wake up the next morning.


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3. Exfoliate

Wake up tired skin with some dry brushing. It increases blood circulation and will help flush out toxins from your system faster. Use a grainy but gentle exfoliator on your face to slough off damaged skin cells, and give a boost to dull, sallow skin.


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4. Wash

This goes without saying: Use a face wash which has some salicylic acid in it. It gently cleanses pores and tackles acne-causing bacteria without irritating the skin.


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5. Energise & Rejuvenate

Now that your skin is squeaky clean, undo the damage caused by alcohol and less-than stellar skincare by slathering on a luxuriant face mask that will improve your skin’s texture. Come on girls, show your skin some love.


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6. Moisturise

There’s no better way to end your pampering than slapping on some moisturiser. Alcohol leaves you dehydrated so drinking water through the day definitely helps, but some intense moisturisation will really help your skin stay healthy.

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