#HauteHack: The Trick To Making Your Hair Look Fuller

If you’ve ever wondered how you can make your hair look fuller without wearing extensions or resorting to extreme measures like hair weaving, this trick is for you.

This cool beauty hack can make your hair look denser in under 2 minutes, and there’s really no crazy catch to it. All you need is something that’s probably already in your make-up kit. Pick an eye shadow in the colour closest to your hair colour, then dust it with a light hand along your hair’s parting. The logic behind this trick is to lightly tint your scalp and mask the distance between hair follicles. This helps to create the illusion of dense hair and looks good in person as well as in pictures (as long as you don’t go heavy-handed!). You can also use it around your hairline to make it look lush in case you’re wearing your hair in a ponytail. How easy is that!

Hauterfly Staff

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