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These 5 Primer Hacks Will Change Your Makeup Game Forever

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Primers. They’re the backbone of makeup and while there are a dime a dozen hacks out there, we’re taking a look at only the best ones today. Rest assured, these are 5 tried and tested hacks that give your makeup just the boost it needs.

Make sure all your makeup is performing at its best by creating a smooth and lasting base, starting with your primer.


Lakme Absolute Blur Perfect Makeup Primer (Rs 488)

1. Apply It Strategically

Don’t just apply a goop of primer all over your face, no matter how great the primer is. You want to dab some on acne, very lightly, and apply most of it on your T-Zone. The T-Zone gets oily the fastest, which breaks your makeup apart. Once you’ve applied the bulk of the product there, gently work outwards.


L’Oréal Paris Base Magique Transforming Primer (Rs 1000)

2. Don’t Miss Your Lids

Your lids need primer too, especially to stop that creasing. You can then apply powder or a base colour to minus any pigmentation from the area. Next, go ahead with your eye makeup look.


Vega Mascara Brush (Rs 80)

3. Use It On Your Brows

Use a spoolie brush with a tad bit of primer to comb out your brows. It works just as well as a brow gel or primer. Comb your hairs into place and it’ll last for hours.


Milk Of Magnesia (Rs 1,400)

4. Milk Of Magnesia

Milk of magnesia is available at most pharmacies. While it’s usually used to calm stomach acids, it’s consistency makes for a great primer. Plus, it’s completely safe. Its formula won’t affect your skin in the long term either. Shake the bottle well and use a cotton pad to apply a thin layer on your face. How’s that for a primer hack? A tiny amount goes a long way.


Lotus Herbals Naturalblend Translucent Loose Powder Auto Puff – Sunset Beach (Rs 319)

5. Finish With Powder

Use loose, translucent powder to set in your makeup, especially around your nose. Pick up a brush that fits into the small creases and dust a little bit on top. Don’t miss your chin and add a small amount to your under eye, as well.


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