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#HauteHack: How To Brighten Tired-Looking Eyes In The AM

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It’s not humanly possible to look well-rested every single morning. Despite our best efforts, there are days when we look like something the cat dragged in — especially after a night of intense gossip and alcohol sessions. But there’s no reason why you can’t fake a bright set of peepers; yes, there’s a hack for that too. All you need is a highlighter, either in pencil or cream form, to fake bright eyes in the morning. (Pro tip: avoid powder highlighter because you need to be precise with the application).

Here’s how to do it: Take a small amount of cream highlighter on your index finger and place it smack dab in the middle of your lower lash line. Yes — your lower lash line. And if you’re using a pencil highlighter, dot the product in the same place and then gently smudge it with your ring fingertip.

The reason this works — as opposed to putting highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes, like you usually do — is that the reflective particles in the highlighter will draw attention to the centre of your eyes instead of the shadows right under them. This is much more subtle and way more effective. Say goodbye to tired-looking eyes in the morning with this handy trick!


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