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#HauteHacks: How To Get Unicorn Eyes

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Every day, the beauty world sees a new trend that’s topping the charts. From ‘baking’ your face to using a red lippy to cover your dark circles, it’s a world of full of inspiring ideas that urge you to experiment with makeup. And this week, we’re doing just that. Ever since we’ve read/seen the most loved unicorn makeup trend take over the world of internet, we just HAD TO try it. While we do understand some of these makeup trends really have no business in our daily makeup routines, there’s definitely something exciting about experimenting and trying to have fun with your look, right?

And because we understand the struggle of wanting to be on trend and yet keeping it real, we’ve got you the cutest makeup trend that’s the best of both worlds — unicorn eyes. I mean, we understand that your boss won’t be super kicked seeing you rock this cool AF trend (maybe because she’s a bit jelly of rad it looks) and your BF might look at you like you’re crazy, but who cares? Makeup is about expressing and being creative. And honestly, it’s pretty simple — MAKEUP = MAGIC. And what’s more magical than unicorn eyes?

So in our bid to keep up with #MakeupGoals, we’ve got the easiest way to unleash your inner unicorn and rock it from day to night like a pro.


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