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This Is The One Product Zahra *Always* Has On Her Desk!

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Now that summer is well and truly upon us, it’s time to up your basic beauty game. And girls, nothing beats the feeling of having perfectly hydrated, dewy skin that looks supple and healthy. And one of the best ways to achieve that is by using a face mist. Face mists truly are beauty lifesavers, and they can take your skin from lacklustre to luminous in seconds!

One of my favourite ways to hydrate my skin during office hours is by spritzing on some rose water. We all know the beauty benefits of rose water, and trust me when I tell you that not only does an afternoon spritz of rose water wake up tired skin, but it also hydrates and brighten dull complexions, and calms irritations and flare-ups. What’s more, a good face mist also helps to set your makeup, adding some much-needed radiance to your face. Are you sold yet?


Amritam Rose Water Face Mist_Inpost_Hauterfly

Amritam Damask Rose Water Facial Mist


The one face mist I always have on my desk these days is Amritam’s soothing and cooling Damask Rose Water, which contains hydrosol of Rose Damascena and naturally occurring rose oil. It’s something I wish I had a lifetime’s supply of, it’s THAT good. This natural face mist from Good Earth’s beauty line soothes dry, tight skin, especially if you’ve been sitting in an air-conditioned office all day. I use mine every time I need a refreshing, mid-day pick-me-up on top of my makeup. It leaves my skin soft, hydrated and fresh, and also gives it a really pretty glow. Just hold it a few inches away from your face and spritz (don’t spray it too close or it will smear your makeup!). Let it sit for maybe a minute or so, and then blot off the excess with a tissue.

There are other ways you can use this face mist too. For one, just before you moisturise. After your shower, immediately give your face a generous mist and then without patting it dry, apply your moisturizer straight on top. This really helps to trap all the moisture in. Another way I use this mist is on top of my makeup to set it. I often use powder on my T-zone because I have oily skin, but I absolutely hate the cakey, matte effect it leaves on my face. But just one generous spritz of this rose water and the chalkiness of the matte powder gives way to a beautiful, dewy finish!

Now who can say no to natural-looking, dewy skin?

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