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Save Vs Splurge: Face Masks For Oily Skin

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Over time, your skin tends to get a little battered from bad weather conditions, constant exposure to sunlight, resulting in dull and lifeless skin. That’s when the hero of your skincare story steps in, with a magical cape to correct those imperfections instantly.

In the big bad world of skincare, face masks have got to be the true MVP! I mean, they literally suck out all the dirt, grime, oil, pollution, leaving your skin radiant.

For someone with oily skin, I’d know that in this awesome world of masks anything that promises to control the grease will give me that clean, fresh look.

Two such products on the market at the moment are absolute cult face masks! People put them to a test, compared results, and can pretty much vouch for them — these are the GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment and The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask.

I know, I know clay and mud are two different masks on the spectrum… but read on more to know how these two masks pretty much achieve similar results.

glamglow mask dupe_Hauterfly

GlamGlow SuperMud Clearing Treatment (Rs 4,400)

So, I was lucky enough to try out this SuperMud Clearing Mask by GlamGlow and let me just say that it is a miracle product. This cult internet sensation is so highly priced for a reason — because it can totally give your dermat a run for her money.

Free from any sort of parabens and sulphates, the formula instantly mattifies skin, which lasts a couple of days, it calms down blemishes and leaves skin looking clearer. It also tucks into the tiniest of pores and refines them tremendously — like you can see the product at work, the moment you apply it.

The SuperMud is ultra calming and feels absolutely cool on the skin!

If your skin needs some TLC, then this is one must-buy product, especially if you’re looking to combat oily skin!

But if it’s out of your budget, you might want to consider this pocket-friendly mask instead.

glamglow mask dupe_Hauterfly

The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask (Rs 1,995)

This charcoal clay mask isn’t as powerful as the supermud, but it pretty much does the job. Now for the reason why it might differ from GlamGlow… It is a clay mask that helps absorb the sebum on the skin, leaving it feeling taut and cleansed.

Infused with bamboo charcoal, green tea leaves, and tea tree oil, the product basically revitalises your skin, giving it that desired healthy glow.

The only difference between the two products is that one is a clay mask and the other one is mud. How does this matter? Well, GlamGlow is mud therefore it’s hydrating rather than drying,  whereas The Body Shop’s mask consists of clay, which basically dries out the skin a tad bit.

But…at the end of the day, if you’re looking to take care of blemish-prone, combination to oily skin, both work the same and provide you with pretty similar results!

Save or splurge, which product are you going to give a go?


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