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Get Blankets, Movies And Blowouts At This Swanky, New Blow Dry Salon

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If you go through my Instagram, you will notice that in all my pictures I have the same hairstyle. Yes, hairstyling is not my forte. Eating and sleeping all day, maybe. But hair, definitely not. And no matter how many DIY tutorials I watch, I am far from doing it myself. They make it look easy but it really isn’t. Which is why what I really needed is a hairstyling station I could go to. So when DryFix called me in for a hairstyling sesh, I thought of it as a potential solution to my problem. I headed to the salon, melting in heat and all that, expecting it to be merely a place to look pretty. But it turned out to be much more than that, and thank God for that.

I could choose from three categories – Quick Fix, Classic Fix and Pro Fix. Quick Fix involves hairstyles which don’t require heat, such as buns and fun braids. Classic Fix includes quick styles that you can get done for casual events. And Pro Fix will get you elaborate hairstyles that you can don for a wedding or when you’re in the mood for being extra! I opted for ‘Twister Sister’ from the Classic Fix category. It promises to give you tight, long-lasting curls. Honestly, I wasn’t sure of how much it would work on my straight hair. However, they assured me of it and though I didn’t believe them completely at that point, I hoped it would work!

My hairstylist, Promise (yes, that was her name!), started by giving me a hair wash, followed by a quick massage. It was so relaxing I might have slipped into a deep slumber only to be awakened by my own snores. The best part was that while in most salons, you’re seated during a hair wash, here I could lie down on a recliner. They even put a cozy blanket on me and that’s what caused me to catch up on my zzzs, okay? Can you blame me?

We then went ahead to the hairstyling station, where Promise did as she promised – gave me stunning long-lasting curls. All this, while I sipped on some coffee almond milk, catching up on The End Of The F**King World! They have these tablets on which you can binge on Netflix while getting your hair done. Because small talk while at the salon is something not all of us can pull off, right? Yes, their hospitality is amazing!

Also, the salon is so pretty, you have plenty of spots where you can get that perfect click for your Instagram. I got mine!

All-in-all, I walked out of DryFix, in love with my hair, feeling rejuvenated and with a new profile picture! Event or no event, I would definitely recommend this place for a pamper session with your girlfriends!


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