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Would You Dare To Try The Full-Face Highlighter Challenge?

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Alright people, I’m not lying when I say that nothing — and I really mean nothing — surprises me about beauty trends anymore. Some of them make me cringe and some of them are just so blah — like nontouring! I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one who has been nontouring (without knowing that I’m nontouring) for donkey’s years now. So I groaned when I heard of this new trend among vloggers — the Full-Face Highlighter Challenge — for obvious reasons.

Aspiring makeup artist Mariya Lyubashevskaya, who is all of 18 years old, recently uploaded a video of a full face of makeup using ONLY highlighters. Mariya layered several illuminating products to achieve the look and I’m glad she started with the disclaimer: “put on your sunglasses!” The girl sure has a sense of humour. I can’t deny that the effect is

I can’t deny that the effect is mesmerising, but as Mariya herself states, it’s hardly something you can wear IRL. Check out her video below:



As you can see, the look is pretty self-explanatory. It’s about wearing a full face of make-up using only highlighters. Sounds easy? I think not. You know how easy it is to screw up something as simple as strobing. While Mariya didn’t upload the video as a challenge, the trend gained traction when makeup artist Jeffree Star — who BTW, also has a hugely successful cosmetics line — decided to post his own version of the Full-Face Highlighter. I’d say his creation has tons of drama and looks kinda like a glitter bomb exploded on his face. You be the judge:



Beauty blogger Nikkie of Nikkie Tutorials posted her own rendition of the look, and I have to admit that it is by far the best version of the trend. It’s because of the various shades of highlighter that she’s chosen to create her base, contour, and then highlight her face.



However, no matter how ethereal she looks, I think they all look like wax sculptures and I’m not at all on board with this look. Glowing goddess or glazed doughnut? You decide!


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