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Mansi’s Floral Perfume Is Just Right For Sultry Evenings

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I’m drawn to fragrances like a honeybee is to nectar. It is my one weakness. I’m generally wise with my money until I get to the perfume aisle. Then all hell breaks loose and it feels like my nose has a mind of its own! I meticulously go through each and every counter, spritzing testers and taking my time about which ones are going to break my bank. Actually, I love everything that smells good so I can happily spend a couple of hours in stores that have scented candles, fragrant essential oils, luxurious bathing oils and salts, the works.

While most people tend to change their skincare regimes with the changing season, I switch my fragrance. With the weather becoming positively warmer and ickier, my perfume cabinet deserves an upgrade. This does not mean I do not have light summery fragrances, but I prefer to have an array of aromas to choose from depending on my current mood. I love organic, homegrown brands and have always loved Forest Essentials’ products for their all-natural approach towards beauty. Obviously, I turned to it for my latest fix. The Madurai Jasmine cologne seems to be a delicate, soothing fragrance.


Forest Essentials Cologne Madurai Jasmine_Inpost_Hauterfly

Forest Essentials Cologne Intense in Madurai Jasmine

This delicate, classic and unmistakable fragrance has fresh Jasmine flowers from Madurai in South India at its core. The flowery plant with delicate snow white flowers was called ‘moonlight of the fragrant groves’ in ancient Hindu poetry. The flowers are harvested at dawn when they are still covered with dew and their fragrance is at its peak. I find the smell of jasmine very enchanting and uplifting. This jasmine cologne is exquisite and rich with precious essential oils. That sounds like just the kind of reviving scent I need in my vanity bag!

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