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#HautePicks: Team Hauterfly’s Must-Have Beauty Products

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As Hauterfly turns 1, we’re bringing to you some of the #HauteSquad’s favourite picks — from clothes and shoes to beauty products and perfumes. Step into our world of all things style and get to know Team Hauterfly a little better. Oh, and for the most of it, we’ll even tell you where you can buy similar products. Aren’t we your BFFs now?

At Hauterfly HQ, we love our beauty products. Every day, each of us carries in a giant, heavy bag, three-quarters of which is taken up by our vanity cases. We share reviews, products, do each others’ makeup, and collectively ohh-and-aah when new press samples come in. How can we not love our jobs? So today, we’re letting in on each of the #HauteSquad’s must-have beauty picks. Read on to find out what they are and where you can grab ’em too!


Chanel Highlighter_Hauterfly

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base

“One of my biggest challenges when exercising my limited contouring skills is to ensure that my pale complexion looks like it has some warmth instead of brown streaks under my cheekbones and forehead. No matter how much I blend, streaky and dense bronzer is my biggest undoing. I didn’t really know cream bronzer was a thing until I came across this amazing Chanel product that made minimal contouring such a breeze. So much so that I’m never going to bother using a powder bronzer again. Meet Chanel’s Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base — my new favourite holy grail product that I can’t recommend enough to anyone who likes putting on makeup!”

— Zahra Khan, CEO & Editor-In-Chief 
SHOP NOW: Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronzing Makeup Base (Rs 3,200)*
* Available in-store.

L’Oréal Paris Kajal Magique

“When I was younger, I wouldn’t even go down to the grocery store without kajal on — such was the level of my insecurity. Thankfully with age comes confidence and, more importantly, a no-fucks-to-give attitude. Nonetheless, kajal remains my favourite, can’t-live-without-it beauty product. I’ve tried a variety of brands and kinds, but I must admit that the L’Oréal Paris Kajal Magique is my favourite. Highly-pigmented, just one sweep and you get the deepest black outline. I don’t ever need to retouch and because of its convenient retractable packaging, it doesn’t break, and I can even create dramatic wing-tips with it! If you’re a kajal fiend like I am, this is the one you *need* in your life.”

— Baishali Chatterjee, Managing Editor

Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer 370 Ebony

“I’m a quick-fix girl, all the way. So anything that’s easy to use and doesn’t take more than a couple of minutes to make me look all prettied up is my kinda makeup. While I’d opt for a foundation if I’m attending an evening do (read: wedding!); for my daily wear, it’s the Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Concealer (355) that is my go-to product for my wheatish complexion. Other than my SPF50+ sunscreen, which I religiously dab every morning, the HD concealer effectively covers my dark under eyes (yes, I’ve unfortunately inherited that from my mom!) and actually manages to veil fatigue and smaller blemishes. This is a must-have for my beauty drawer anytime, anywhere.”

— Aindrila Mitra, Managing Editor

Fab India Rose Water

“As a girl who suffers from super sensitive skin that’s easily inflamed, I rely on facial mists to help me deal with redness. I usually store my bottle of Fab India Rose Water in the fridge at work and spray it on as soon as I start my work day. A quick spritz helps me feel refreshed, no matter what the time and hydrates my skin instantly! This fuss-free shortcut to dewy, glowing skin should totally be a part of your skincare regime too!”

— Farozan Dossani, Social Media Editor

NYX Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation

After my 5-year-long love-hate relationship with  M.A.C’s Studio Fix Foundation, I finally decide to call it quits and look for a new bae. You’ll never see me step out of my house without foundation, it’s almost like second skin to me. So while I was out on a mission to find a new one, I decided to hit up Sephora and get a new foundation and that’s when I found this magic beauty product — NYX’s Stay Matte But Not Flat Liquid Foundation! I swear it was love at first sight. The minute I tried it on, I knew I had to buy it! It’s a super lightweight, liquid foundation that’s water based with a boost of enriched minerals that blends beautifully into your skin. I love the fact that it has buildable coverage and a gorgeous matte finish. And the best part? It’s super-duper cheap! So yeah, if you’re a girl with oily/combination skin looking for a long-lasting, flawless base, this product is a MUST TRY!”

— Snehal Fernandes, Head of Video Content

Avéne Cleanance Face Masque

“Let me just say that it takes a lot for a product to make it to my fave list, that too in such short time. I started using the masque a couple of months ago and it has never disappointed. A quick fix of sorts, this product is perfect for those with oily skin. Leaving your skin really clean, it also doubles up as an exfoliator when you wash it off. A squeaky clean finish in just 5 minutes — that’s exactly what every working girl needs in her life.”

— Tatiana Dias, Fashion & Beauty Writer

7 Heaven’s Color Intense Lipstick

“I started wearing lipstick just a week ago, and I’m a convert. And if I had to choose a fave beauty product, it would have to be my current obsession — 7 Heaven’s Color Intense Lipstick in shade no 5, a delicious apricot hue. It compliments my skin tone beautifully and really brings out my brown eyes. Now, I can’t go a day without it! Also, the cute black packaging totally won me over.”

— Japleen Kaur, Lifestyle Writer

Colorbar Velvet Matte Brick O La Lipstick

 “When it comes to makeup, I prefer to keep it minimalist so I am kinda sorted for the day with just some lipstick and a BB cream. But the one beauty product that I completely swear by is the Color Bar Velvet Matte Brick O La Lipstick. The shade works wonder on my pale skin and makes my face look brighter. Trust me, it has magical powers! And as it’s said, lips without lipstick are like cake without frosting!”

— Meghana Choraria, Social Media Executive
SHOP NOWColor Bar Velvet Matte Brick O La Lipstick (Rs 325)


Inveda BB Cream

“About a year ago, when I received Inveda’s BB cream in one of my Fab Bag monthly subscription boxes, I had no idea what to do with it. Plus I was super careless about my beauty regime — I never used any kind of moisturiser or makeup, not even on special occasions. Only recently have I started taking care of my skin, and this product has been a lifesaver. It’s an all-in-one foundation/concealer/BB cream. Thankfully, the shade I got was a perfect match to my skin tone. And we’ve been the perfect match since.”

— Mansi Chouksey, Graphic Designer

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