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5 Surprising Causes Of Acne You Probably Didn’t Know About

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Acne, those pesky little things, always seem to find their way back, don’t they? No matter how often you wash your face, apply acne gel, try DIY hacks, they just don’t clear out a 100%! Why is that?

Well, there may be things you’re doing on a daily basis that are causing more acne. Unfortunately, you may not even know what it is you’re doing that’s resulting in acne, so we’re here to save the day. We’re listing 5 things that you didn’t realise could be causing acne!


1. Your Pillow

Did you know your pillow can cause acne? Yup, pillows can be about as germ infested as your bathroom! To make matters worse, sleeping on pillows means they trap residue from your hair and face — oil, product, dirt, etc.

Over the 8 hours that you sleep with your face touching your pillow, all that gets transferred back onto your skin. Sucks, right?

So, you can either change your pillow case everyday or sleep with a fresh, clean towel on top of it to prevent any pore clogging.


2. Your Towel

Your towel, especially if it’s drying in the bathroom itself, is trapping so much dust and bacteria.

The bathroom is a humid, germ-infested environment, plus you’re wiping your entire body and hair with this towel, so that makes for a lot of dirt and residue trapped in it.

Instead, try drying your towel outside in the sun, and switching your towel almost every day. When you do wipe yourself with a fresh, new towel, always finish wiping your face first.

If not, just wipe your face with a tissue every day instead.


3. Dandruff

Did you ever consider that it might be dandruff that’s causing all this acne? The oil on your face might be trapping the dandruff, therefore causing major pimple problems.

So try treating the dandruff in your hair to cure your acne.


4. Smoking

Sorry to have to say it, smokers, but smoking isn’t getting you anywhere in the skin department. Every time you smoke, you reduce the amount of oxygen that reaches your face.

Therefore, you’re breaking down collagen, elastin, and increasing the size of your pores.


5. Stress Relief

If you’re not releasing your stress the right way, it’ll end up showing on your skin in the form of ugly zits.

Stress induces acne and acne induces stress, so don’t get trapped in the vicious cycle and release your hormones through a good workout.


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