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Bollywood Actresses Are Posting Selfies Without *All* That Makeup And It’s Heartening!

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The business of fashion and glamour is about presenting a face. Putting up appearances. So every time we see Bollywood actresses step out, we are convinced they are the perfect-skinned, pink-pouted beauties that the pictures make them look like. But at my age, I know that this is not the truth. That magazine covers and movie songs lie about how these women look in real life. That they are photoshopped, and retouched and perfectly edited to make them look so flawless, you’d think they are goddesses.

Young, impressionable girls have it worse. They aren’t jaded by the truths of what happens in editing, a lot of them can be led to believe that what is on celluloid or on glossy pages is exactly how it is. Thankfully, actresses are shunning makeup and putting out pictures of themselves without all that war paint. And they are doing it on Instagram. Of course, they have the choice of filters and photo editing apps, but when all we are exposed to are carefully curated images of them, these no-makeup selfies can be refreshing. And we love how these women put them out.

This picture of Alia Bhatt sans makeup, where she looks fresh and natural makes us believe in humanity again. Also, how gorgeous is this woman? It should be a crime to look this pretty!

Disha Patani is proof that eating right and exercising can give you skin that glows from within. We love how flawless but relatable she looks in this no-makeup selfie.

Every Sunday, Sonakshi Sinha treats her fans to a #sundayselfie. Pretty sure this is the highlight of the week for her fans. This is the unabashed version of her and we love how she abandons makeup to show people the real her.

Time and again, Sonam Kapoor has posted selfies and talked about how it takes almost a village to dress her up for an event. Recently, she put this up and the hint of dark circles is just what we needed to see when we are feeling like we simply cannot live up to the crazy beauty standards.

She’s a mom, an author and completely comfortable with herself. Soha Ali Khan posted this selfie about her new haircut and it looks like she doesn’t have a stitch of makeup on, which is giving us life.

Jacqueline Fernandes’ glowing skin is giving us goals. She posted this picture of her post workout and just look at that skin! It’s so pretty! We look like a sweaty mess after a workout. How does she do this?

Yes, we see that some editing may have been done to this picture, but it’s still one of the selfies that doesn’t look like the makeup has been caked on. If Priyanka can, we can.

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