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The Beauty Kit Essentials You Need On Your Next Holiday!

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When I was younger, I would always anxiously wait for our family summer holiday, where the entire clan would get together and perfect the art of chilling. One thing I’d always notice is that my mom seemed to have magically carried everything her fussy kids could possibly need. Now, as an adult, packing my beauty bag is pretty much my favourite part of any vacay. It may not have all the band-aids that mum’s kit had, but it does have all the beauty kit essentials that will help you look glam in all those #VacayGoals pictures you’re going to take.


There’s nothing better than coming to your hotel after a long day in the hot sun, washing your face and then putting on a cooling sheet mask! Aloe is a must for irritated, inflamed skin and this sheet mask packs in the goodness of aloe in an easy to use format that I am a major fan of!

This face wash is a life saver if your skin is feeling dry and dull – the Mashobra honey and lemon gently effectively slough off dead skin, while providing an additional moisture layer. This face wash is a winner, since it’s mild, works on most skin types and is beautifully fragranced.

These good-for-your-skin micellar wipes eliminate the need for carrying a liquid makeup cleanser, which is a #Win in my books! Also, I have been known to shamelessly use these as facial wipes, when push comes to shove.

If you’re anything like me and love to explore new locales by foot, then you absolutely have to carry a sunscreen, it’s a non-negotiable. La Shield is a dermat-approved brand that has created a sunscreen formula that won’t make you feel like a vat of grease.

I swear by this BB cream when I want a natural but polished makeup look. While the BB cream offers low coverage, it evens out skin tone and gives your skin a dewy finish.

A good face mist can make the hottest of days bearable and this classic Kama Ayurveda product is right on the money for me. Not only is this mist super refreshing, but it’s got a whole gamut of uses, making it a beauty kit must-have!

I think a red liquid lipstick is the perfect choice for summer and this lip colour from Bobbi Brown is a multi-tasking hero to boot – it’s got the sheerness of a gloss, but packs some serious pigment. I’ve also used this as a cheek stain with some success.

As someone who is still learning the ropes of makeup, I find using a cream contour way easier to use than its powder counterpart. A contour stick + beauty blender combo is also the easiest way for me to fake a jawline in under 5 minutes, I mean who has the time to carry 15 million different brushes and blend, blend, blend.

There’s something so cute about miniature, travel-sized products, isn’t there? IMHO, miniatures are also a great way to try out cult products without dropping the big bucks on full-sized versions. So go ahead and add the Roller Lash mascara to your kit, it’s real!

If your vacay makeup vibe is all about that moisturized, dewy skin, then you have to try the Glowstarter – a moisturiser formulated with a combination of skincare superstars like Hyaluronic Acid and illuminating pearls for a definitely dazzling effect.

This miniature tiny palette has all the shades you need in order to create a pretty summer eye look. Best part is, it’s so tiny, it fits within the palm of your hand!


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