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#AskHauterfly: How To Curl Eyelashes Without An Eyelash Curler

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I think evolution has been quite unfair to women. I still don’t understand why my brother gets to have the most beautiful set of long, voluminous, curled-to-the-perfect-angle eyelashes, while here I am, cocktailing two, sometimes even three different mascaras to transform my rather disappointing lashes into the long and fluttery goodness that fan my cheeks! If you are like me, coating your lashes with mascara is a mandatory morning ritual that requires as much skill as flossing your teeth.

While mascara is the easiest way to look put together, it is absolutely essential to curl your lashes first to really open up your eyes. In an ideal world, I wake up without hitting snooze on my alarm a couple of times and have enough time to devour a scrumptious breakfast while I pick out my outfit for the day AND do my hair and makeup. However, since most of my mornings involve dragging myself out of bed and being in a terrible rush, using an eyelash curler is out of question. Besides, I don’t want to curl my lashes in a rush and pull half of them out straight from the roots. Beauty tools sense your panic, after all!

This is precisely why you need to add a curling mascara to your arsenal. Curling mascaras enhance your lashes by curling them and add definition to straight stubs. Most curling mascaras come with a wand that’s curvy and moulded to mimic the natural shape of the lashline. But there’s a right way to get the most out of the formula and wand. Apply the first coat of mascara with the outer curved side (convex) of the wand and the second coat with the concave side. This trick will curl your lashes and open your up eyes like nothing else. I bet you’re going to stop using your eyelash curler after this. Give it a shot!

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