6 Beauty Mistakes You’re Making Before Going To Bed

It’s not called beauty sleep for nothing: While you get your eight hours of rest, your skin goes into overdrive repairing itself from the wears and tears of the day. How you sleep determines how you wake up, which is why your skincare routine should be a good one before you hit the sack. Here are six beauty mistakes you’re making before bed time and how you can fix them.


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1. You don’t take off your make-up

No matter how much experts harp on about the importance of taking off make-up before hitting the sack, this is advice most women take very, very lightly. Keeping your make-up on at night not only clogs your pores but also prevents your skin from repairing itself efficiently. Free radicals can also cause acne breakouts, which aren’t pretty. If you want to wake up looking fresh and acne-free, take off your make-up every night. Use this easy hack to make your life easier.


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2. You use your day moisturiser

Moisturisers meant for the day are mostly light formulations. Also, a lot of them have sunscreen — which is ordinarily a good thing — but it’s not something you need at night. Your skin will have to work harder to repair itself. So switch up your day moisturiser for a more intensely hydrating night cream after you’ve taken off all your make-up, to help restore your skin’s natural suppleness.

3. You don’t use a silk pillowcase

The fibres on a cotton pillowcase are too harsh for your delicate facial skin, which will develop fine lines sooner if you sleep on a cotton pillowcase. So be wise and switch to silk. Silk pillowcases also prevent your hair from tangling up while you asleep and ease the frizz. Make sure to wash them every week to keep them absolutely clean.

4. You sleep with your hair loose

This is a bad idea for people who have acne-prone skin. Hair has natural oils that can get on your face while you sleep and is probably a reason for frequent breakouts. Pile your hair loosely on top of your head in a bun or ponytail and away from your face. The keyword here is loose; you don’t want to tie your hair too tight and cause breakage.


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5. You ignore your hands and neck

Hands and neck are SO overlooked from most skincare and beauty regimes, but ladies, they’re dead giveaways of your age as you grow older. The skin on your neck and hands are extremely delicate and need a good dose of nourishing moisturiser at night. Ignore them at your own peril. It’s a good idea to introduce retinol into your beauty regime via a good anti-ageing night cream.


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6. You exfoliate every night

While most of us are too lazy to wash our faces at night, there are scores of enthusiastic beauty girls on the opposite end of the spectrum who insist on ridding themselves of dead skin cells every single night. But girls, you really don’t need to exfoliate more than once a week. If you do, you’re slowly damaging your skin by continuously scrubbing it with harsh exfoliants, which can also lead to tissue damage in the long run. So lay off the gritty exfoliants and peels and use them sparingly.

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