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9 Of The Blackest Kajals That Won’t Give You Panda Eyes

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I have an obsession with makeup. And in the realm of that obsession, I have a favourite- kajal. I was introduced to kajal by my elder sister because you know how the younger ones are lab rats for the older ones. And she went ham on it, so at some point I looked like an adorable but human panda. But she also instilled a love for kajal in me which continues to this day.

Now, I don’t need my kajal to just make me look good. Nope, that’s too basic. I need it to multi-task. It has make me look goth – the kind of person who listens to punk music and feeds on the soul of the weak. It has to be dark and defining and it can’t be erased too quickly. And with festive season around the corner, I am sure plenty of people are looking for black, dark kajals for their makeup looks. Obviously, not for the same reasons as I am but to look pretty. So I rounded up the prettiest, sexiest, darkest kajals out there that you can swear by.


This is a cult favourite because it’s not only the perfect black but is also smudge-proof, waterproof and will last you for 24 hours. No kidding! Throw this into your bag before you head out for a night of partying.


Not only will this give you the perfect stroke – clean and defined – but it is also cruelty-free and contact lens-friendly. The colour pay off of this kohl is mind-blowing. You might want to get 10 of these!


This liner claims to be 100% smudge-proof and they are not lying about it. It’s a 2-in-1 Kajal that can also be used as a liner. If you have always wanted to get that gel liner but were confused, this one is a cult favourite and a good buy.


The Lakme Eyeconic Kajal gives a dramatic touch to your eyes with its deep black colour that will last up to 22 hours. If you are not up for a whole makeup routine in the morning, then this is all you need in your bag to make you look fab even on a dull day!


The creamy texture makes the application and your life easier. It also helps you get that deep black with a single swipe and will last up to 8 hours.  To top it off, it comes with a sharpener so you are free from the hassle of buying one separately – your  look and the kohl will be on point! *pats self on back for thinking of that layered pun*


This richly pigmented kohl is anything but basic. It comes with a rich formulation that will smoothly glide onto your waterline. Bonus features: Waterproof, smudge-proof, transfer-resistant, and comes with a sharpener.


This one is especially designed for the ones who’d like to steer clear of chemicals on their eyes. It’s paraben-free, sodium sauryl sulfate, phthalates, fragrance  and talc and also cruelty-free. The longevity of this kohl is upto 8 hours and promises you the intensity you desire.



If you like your eye to look good all the time, this is what you need! The formulation allows you to evenly apply the kohl on your waterline or on your lids. We love that it comes with two sides to it so if you are looking to subtly smudge your liner for smokey look, this one works fabulously.


The rich formulation glides on easily and lasts up to 12 hours. This one also comes with a smudger but we love this because it’s rich, intense and remember that goth look I was talking about? This gives me that.

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