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5 Ways To Get Fuller Eyebrows When Your Parlour Wali Didi F**** Up

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The experience of our first eyebrow pluck is still fresh in our memory. The awful anxiety we felt leaning back in that uncomfortable parlour chair. Muffled screams followed tiny teardrops down our cheek pretty much summed up that first time, and the times after that. Getting your eyebrows plucked is super unpleasant. But it is a necessary evil since Indian beauty standards call for shapely eyebrows. But more importantly, this requires you to be completely at the mercy of the parlour-waali aunty who judges you for where you got your eyebrows done last, how it’s not done right and how you need a plethora of other things done to your face to look decent. Of course, if she’s really over-enthusiastic with her thread, you can end up with unseemly, thin eyebrows that, well, suck. Thankfully, full, unplucked natural eyebrows are in and they that stand out as a statement feature on your face.

So even if parlour waali didi messes up, just don’t go to her for a bit.


When the poster child for full, unscathed eyebrows, Cara Delevigne, was asked how she maintains hers, she replied with a resounding, “Leave them alone!”. The trend today is to naturally grow and maintain full eyebrows and define them with makeup. And we have put together some sure shot ways to do this. Take notes!

Natural Dailies

Apart from your usual skincare regimen, there are some things you can do right at home to improve your eyebrow health (it’s a thing). Your kitchen contains all the ingredients you need to maintain a natural eyebrow growth. DIY home remedies like castor, coconut and olive oils, onion juice, egg yolk, fenugreek seeds, milk and lemon are some things you can use to grow your eyebrows. Work the product in, massaging them well while using these ingredients.

The Diet

Unless they are over plucked, eyebrows grow in a cycle of three weeks. Your diet can hugely impact this growth rate. Water and a healthy diet are necessary. Adding elements of health supplements like Vitamin B and D, biotin liquid and capsules and all kinds of protein-rich foods will help promote hair growth. Comb through your eyebrows on the daily to get the blood circulation going as well.

Makeup Definition

There is indeed no real need to get your eyebrows plucked at the parlour. There are many ways you can add definition to your brows with makeup. Brow pencils, powders, contouring and fillers are available in the plenty. One trick is to outline your brows with your nude foundation to make it pop more than usual!

The Vaseline Hack

At Hauterfly, we love internet trends. One brow enhancing trend that has caught our attention is the use of petroleum jelly to give your brows a boost of growth. Drenching your eyebrows with the fragrance-free salve can prep the skin under your eyebrows to its best and facilitate hair growth. Use it overnight on your eyebrows to wake up with a heavy body of the brow!

Brow Growth Serums

For the young and restless, there is a better alternative to achieve fuller brows. These lash and brow serums are packed with vitamins, botanicals and conditioners. They help minimise breakage and aid in recovery from environmental, chemical and physical damage. Supplementing the natural brow growth with serum is a good habit to cultivate for the long run.



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