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5 DIY Masks That Will Solve All Your Winter Hair Problems

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Winter has been killing my hair, guys! It’s so dry, plus I had it coloured a few months ago, so that damage is showing… very obviously. While I’m having Omega 3 supplements, biotin supplements, and lots of protein, nothing seems to be working.

So, I decided I need to amplify my eating habits with a DIY mask a week. Sometimes, if I have time, I even try 2 DIY masks a week. Here are the recipes I love for my hair!

1. MyHappinesz’s Winter Hair Mask with Banana and Honey

This is perfect, because both of us have coloured hair. This is hydrating and nourishing for dry hair. She gives a helpful tip about adding any leftover mask to your ends, because that’s what tends to be the driest. This mask involves mashing banana and adding honey to it, ingredients you’ll easily find in your kitchen.

2. Farah Dhukai’s Coconut, Honey and Yogurt Mask

The Queen of DIY always explains her masks and why she uses each product. While the coconut and honey in this video are great for hydration and moisture, did you know what yogurt really does? It exfoliates your hair! Just like skin, that needs exfoliation through the seasons, so also your scalp needs to be cleaned of the dead skin cells to allow hair to grow faster. That’s 3 ingredients into one amazingly effective mask!

3. Shreya Jain’s Hair Mask With Coconut and Castor Oil, Aloe Vera Gel and Honey

Shreya’s DIY nourishing and conditioning hair mask can be whipped up in a matter of minutes! Plus, judging by her gorgeous and natural hair, looks like she’s in on all the beautiful hair secrets. This mask has coconut oil, aloe vera gel, castor oil, and honey. These ingredients will give your hair shine, softness, and moisture!

4. Huda’s Beer and Banana Hair Mask!

I know it sounds wild! But beer works wonders on hair. If you’re planning a big night or day out, try this before you wash your hair and, I swear, you’ll feel the difference! You can use alcoholic or non-alcoholic beer and mix it with mashed banana. It’s okay to apply alcohol in your hair, if it’s only once in a while.

5. Ameera Nassir’s Castor, Argan and Coconut Oil with Honey Mask

Wow, all the oils in this video! I love it. My hair feels so great after this mask. By the way, if you want to skip on the split end cutting, just go to 2:45. She mixes castor oil for split ends, castor oil for moisture, argan oil for damage, and coconut oil to stimulate hair growth. She uses honey as a lighting agent, according to Ameera, honey is a good way to naturally lighten your hair, very slightly!


Our beauty writer is also an amazing makeup artist (check out some of her awesome videos on the site!). This skincare enthusiast is also a bonafide globetrotter and boss babe.

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