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5 Best Clinique Products That Will Do Wonders For Your Skin!

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The world of beauty can be confusing, that’s why we’ve come up with The Best Of Hauterfly – where our editors hand-pick the products that they cannot live without. These products are our tried, tested and beloved makeup kit staples that we depend on for factors like staying power, effectiveness and pigment. We’ve listed the best products, so you can splurge without the guilt. Today, we’re picking our favourites from the cult skincare brand, Clinique. 

1. Dramatically Different Hydrating Jelly

I’ve raved about this moisturizer – because it’s just. that. good. It’s so good I almost considered naming my first-born after it. You can read my review here. Using it daily has improved my skin by leaps and bounds, trust me, it’s a holy grail product if you have oily, combination skin.

2. Clinique 3-Step Kit

For most girls, the 3-step routine is their first introduction to Clinique and rightly so. It takes the guesswork out of creating a routine that’s not only safe but effective for skin concerns. We highly recommend visiting a Clinique store and having your skin analysed by their team before investing!

3. Clinique Take The Day Off

Using “Take the day off” after a long day of wearing makeup is the balm bomb. It dissolves all traces of makeup, sunscreen and more and leaves you with a squeaky clean face that isn’t dry. We love this because it will take off waterproof makeup – even the most sticky, most long-lasting versions of this. Think of it as a primer that creates the perfect canvas for your skincare regimen.

4. Clinique Clarifying Lotion 3

Toner is one of those skincare steps that is often ignored, but this is one of the most important steps if you have oily skin. Believe me, when you find the right toner, your pores will thank you. This one from Clinique is mild enough to use on sensitive skin while effectively giving you a very light exfoliation. Swipe it across your face with a cotton pad and you will be horrified by the amount of dirt it catches, even after a thorough cleanse.

5. Clinique Moisture Surge

Beloved by beauty editors, influencers and skincare junkies, Moisture Surge is the secret to dewy, hydrated skin. The best part about this product? It’s an amazing multi-tasker: it works as a quick mask, on flyaways and as a cuticle treatment too.

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