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5 Beauty Products To Buy RN From Amazon On Prime Day

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Uh oh. You are here, huh? Addicted to beauty? We will need you to leave right now because this article isn’t going to make it easier to, well, not shop. No, you are going to stick around? Okay, these are products that will turn up at your place within a day, so if need to attend a wedding, look decent on a date or just amp up your glam look over the weekend, add to cart already. We picked 5 beauty products from the Amazon Prime Day sale you should totally get your hands on right now.


O.P.I Nail Lacquer (Rs 765)

They’ve a bunch of shade options and OPI is only like the best nail polish brand ever, so we suggest getting your talons on these asap. I would suggest adding almost every polish to your shopping basket, but that’s my nail addicted persona talking.


PAC Micro Finish Makeup Fixer (Rs 850)

This Indian beauty brand has caught the fancy of bloggers and users alike, and honestly, we can see why. This makeup setting spray in particular is a favourite because it doesn’t let your makeup budge. Plus, it has a fine mist. And it’s easily available. It’s nicely packaged. What’s not to love?


Livon Serum Colour Protect Hair Serum (Rs 250)

The monsoon and the heat are not kind to hair. Heck, just weather in general isn’t kind to our hair. Addressing our hair woes in an affordable fashion is the Livon Serum, which tames flyaways, makes combing easier, and in general, you don’t look like you got into an altercation with a wild animal. Get your paws on this one.


Puna Store Makeup Brush Set (Rs 349)

We’ve talked about affordable brush sets in India and the Puna Store has a place of pride on that list. This one has 12 pieces, enough eye and face makeup brushes so you can complete a makeup look and maybe, just maybe, follow a Youtube makeup tutorial through. Thank us later.


Mamaearth Happy Heads Hair Shampoo (Rs 314)

If you’re easily sold on packaging, you’ll want everything from Mamaearth. We love the fuchsia, white and green packaging. The products are SLS-free and free of parabens, which is an added bonus. We suggest giving this a whirl!

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