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12 Of The Biggest Instagram Beauty Trends of 2016

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As 2016 comes to a close, it’s time to look to the future, but with an eye on the past…of course! We’ve already told you what the craziest beauty trends of the year were, now it’s time to countdown 10 of the biggest Instagram beauty trends of 2016. Some of these were just fads, while some may become classics that you would love to repeat. Looking at these, we can only wonder — what does 2017 have in store for us?


1. Chrome Nails were huge in 2016. There’s no nail art account without at least a couple of snaps of nails that can literally act as reflective surfaces.


2. I’m sure you remember this one? We did report this, after all. Check out all the wonderful rose gold and pink eyeshadow looks that this year brought us, right here.


3. Another story we loved and covered? The faux freckles trend was all the rage. It looked beautiful on every skin type!


4. Thanks to new lipstick releases and Pat McGrath’s pigments, glitter lips are officially a thing! They weren’t just an Instagram trend, they were all over runways this year too.


5. It’s not just glitter lips, glitter lids are a thing too. Again, with all the pigments being a rage! It’s something you just can’t resist.


6. While crazy hair colours have been doing the rounds right from 2015, lilac hair was a big one this year. It’s a super pretty shade, so if you’re feeling good about it, then why not?


7. Metallic lips were in during the ’90s and they came back with a bang this year. This was a trend that was worn by beauty bloggers, celebrities, and models alike.


8. While we’re still talking about all kinds of lip trends, here’s another one — the hologram lip.


9. Then, there was the hidden rainbow hair. I know, right? What a year!


10. Halloween brought an onslaught of deer/Bambi Snapchat filter inspired looks!


11. Coming back to the eyes, brows took centrestage this year with all kinds of transformations. One being, the glitter brow.


12. The second was colorful ombré brows!


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