Priyanka Chopra Talks To Us About The Sky Is Pink And Reveals What The Story Behind The Title Really Is


At this point, if there is one woman whose name rolls right off of our tongues when we talk about anything related to movies, success or love, it is that of our global superstar Priyanka Chopra Jonas. The actress who has redefined stardom and literally given the phrase ‘take to the skies’ its true meaning, is a force to be reckoned with and she has now become a household name across the globe.

From what she is wearing to what she is thinking, people want to be in the know of everything and we don’t blame them. Which is perhaps why, when the actress was in town promoting her upcoming movie The Sky Is Pink, we couldn’t help but have a heart to heart with her.

The actress is picking up a Hindi release after a break of three years, she was busy in Hollywood for a while. She is all fun and games about The Sky Is Pink, as she went on to talk to us about just how special a project it was for her. From telling us the true meaning and essence of the title of the movie, of how it originated from one conversation between Aisha and her son one day. Talking about how she truly does relate to the philosophy of being inspirational, Priyanka filled us in with the nitty gritties of what directed them towards creating what looks like Shonali Bose’s next masterpiece.

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PeeCee also opened up about the promotions, that have been going on for two weeks now and creating a buzz around the movie. From sharing how she is an ‘on-the-go-eater’, to talking about why she felt a 15-day-long promotion cycle was necessary for the movie, Priyanka Chopra shared how she personally loves this part of the movie promotions.

She says, “When you work so hard on a product, you should be able to tell people about it.” In fact, it is during such promotions that we get an up, close and personal perspective of the film, coming straight from the cast, which is always a delight. Priyanka Chopra also went on to talk about how she hates being repetitive during the promotional drill, but if there is one thing she loves about it, it is the familiarity and the warmth of meeting and coming across people she’s been working for almost two decades now.

Guess it is such star-like qualities in PeeCee that continue making her one of the coolest and generous actors of our time, considering she is always so candid and relatable when it comes to speaking her heart out about anything. The movie is set to release on 11th October.

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