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Get Stunning Emerald Sparkly Eyes With This Easy, Detailed Tutorial

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It’s not easy playing with glitter. As a child, when faced with glitter, it got everywhere, into practically every nook and cranny and often, the craft project got abandoned to ensure we had enough time to clean. I am all grown up now but I still love playing with glitter. But this time around, I love using it in my makeup. The problem though, is that it can still get everywhere.

Don’t worry ladies, we have got you covered. Watch this tutorial for an easy guide to wearing glitter on your eyes. And this isn’t even an easy colour. We are playing with green glitter. We have broken this down into easy to follow steps that show you the technique to nail this look. From creating the base and packing in colour on the crease to patting the glitter on to the lids, this is a tutorial that will make your childhood dreams come true.

This one is a makeup tutorial that won’t intimidate you. In fact, it will encourage you to explore. And you will love it. Let us know the comments below if you tried this.


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