Twitter Cures Our Monday Blues With Hilarious Instagram Down Memes!

Mast mazza aaya memes dekhke!

What is that one thing we all turn to pass our time despite having hobbies? Doomscroll Instagram, of course! And when Instagram goes down, the panic and chaos it ensues is surely hilarious! The first couple of minutes is fumbling with the data settings on the phone, then, follows the switching on and off of the wifi router, and when none of these hacks work, we turn to Twitter to see if Instagram is down! Well, recently, the photosharing platform was facing some issues and was down for a lot of people across the globe. And this moment led to Twitterati churning out hilarious memes which are super relatable!

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One of the first memes that caught our eye was about how peeps at the Twitter headquarters would be rejoicing because everyone was turning to the micro-blogging site to check if Instagram was down or not!

A lot of people also made memes about how they cursed their wifi because they thought it was the cause of their IG feed not loading but turns out, the wifi was working fine!

Another user shared how they felt leaving Instagram once they raised that the platform is down, and it was a clip of Miley Cyrus!

One of the Twitter users shared a clip from the GTA video game after Instagram was down for the 136262nd time!

Another hilarious meme was shared by a user on how Mark Zuckerberg was trying to fix Instagram!

One of the users thought that their IG was hacked and it was why their feed was not loading!

Check out other memes shared by users on Instagram down below!

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It looks like people got their creative best while Instagram was down and began churning out some of the funniest tweets online.

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