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These Twin Sisters Share Everything, Including A Boyfriend

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Dating someone who has a twin sibling is often not like dating a single-born individual. As someone who has been there, done that, I’d say most people have no idea what they are signing up for. I am not saying twins are in the wrong, but we can’t entirely dismiss the fact that it’s possibly a natural way of life for them to be joined at the hip. However, for a person who doesn’t see sibling relationships that way and who expects an independent connection, it can be baffling.

Several twins have separation anxiety and would rather live life as one individual. So by all means, know what to expect and whether it aligns with your emotional needs from a relationship.

TLC’s reality show Extreme Sisters portrays the connection between sisters that is tighter than usual. A pair of twins that appear on the show opened up about their relationship to NYPost. It seems like the twin sisters have eliminated the problem of their respective partners feeling alienated by just getting one instead of two. Okay, at the get go, let me tell you that I am extremely uncomfortable with this idea. Look, you can share clothes. Heck, that’s what sisters are for- to borrow clothes, jewellery and what not- but to share partners? That’s pushing it even when you’re as open-minded as I am. And really, I have written about some very questionable relationships but this is truly awkward.


The twin sisters share a boyfriend and all of them sleep on the same bed too. YouTube influencers Anna and Lucy DeCinque, 35, said they do everything together – use the washroom, shower, and all that too. So they went ahead and got themselves a common boyfriend too – 37-year-old Ben. Anyone want to point out how awkward this entire thing is? Why must they use the bathroom together? I have so many, many questions.

“We think of each other as one person,” Lucy told The Post. “We can never be apart.” The twins call each other soulmates and have been in a relationship with Ben for the past 10 years. Apparently, they are in love with him and would have married him if it was legal to do so. “The first night we met him, we both kissed him,” said Anna. “It was great from the start. We just hit it off straight away. It’s so much easier for us to share a boyfriend. I don’t mind that he comes over to kiss Lucy, because then he’s going to kiss me. He treats us equally. He knows that whatever he does to one twin, he does to the other.” I am starting to see that the twins want to be together and are for the most part, but do they realise that boyfriend to both, Ben, gets to date both of them? Wait, does he know or does he think he’s seeing one of them because, well, you know, twins.

Lucy said they did try dating different people but they apparently wanted to separate the twins. Ex must have felt the same. Well, we are all villains in someone’s story. “Ben understands our bond and doesn’t judge us,” she said. “That’s how it’s been from Day 1. There’s never been any jealousy. I don’t know how we had separate boyfriends. People can judge us how they like — this is how it works for us.”

I mean, I won’t judge them on their choices or lifestyle. It’s not like their choices are harming anyone or innocent bystanders are dying because they choose to share a boyfriend. It feels weird to us, normal to them. They can do whatever they want, as long as it’s legal. It’s interesting that I point that out because it’s actually not legal. Also, how are they not jealous? How do I become this person that has a fabulous handle on her emotions and is permanently okay with the state of things?


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The maximum they have been away from each other has been for an hour, the twins claimed and that’s when they had to get breast implants. “When she goes to the toilet I come with her; when she has a shower, I come with her,” said Anna. “You name it and we do it. We’re never apart. I don’t think we’d function without each other. We have separation anxiety. We’re bound to each other.”

Lucy said that their friends and family have been supportive. “If you don’t accept it, you won’t be in our life,” said Lucy. “Anyone that meets us just knows that we want to live life as one person. [We] get Internet trolls and haters online. People can have their opinions — but at the end of the day, we’re not hurting anyone. I am proud of this beautiful relationship,” she added.

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“At this point in my understanding, I really want to normalize the problems twins have with separation. Twins are naturally locked into one another in deeply intense ways. Interdependence from birth creates confusion for twins as they find their separate paths. “Whose path am I taking, mine or yours?” is always a question for twins to be conflicted about,” psychologist Dr. Barbara Klein wrote in Psychology Today. A twin herself, she has done extensive research in the relationship dynamics double-borns share.

I do have a pressing question though – if they do everything together, are they having sex together too? Well, everything about this arrangement is just so difficult to imagine!

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