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Sleep Deprivation Can Cause Sexual Dysfunction In Women, Says Study

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Do you go by the mantra, “I’ll sleep when I am dead”? Sure, it sounds thrilling – you have all those extra hours – the most peaceful ones – when the world is asleep. In the dark of the night, you look at the window and the street looks so quaint and beautiful. Your eyes sift the sky for the moon and there it is, shining in its own light – lonesome yet self-sufficient, basking in the glory of its solitude. The quiet of the night speaks to your heart whether you spend time looking out of the window, watching Netflix, having long conversations with bae, etc. But these nights could be giving you sexual dysfunction!

These nights are like a delicious slice of cheese burst pizza – they may seem like food for your soul but if you have it every day, it will have repercussions you probably won’t like. Did you know lack of sleep can cause sexual dysfunction in women? I wouldn’t want that even though I have chosen sleep over sex several times!

Has it ever happened to you when mauka bhi tha dastur bhi tha but you were too sleepy to want to do bae? When I am not sleepy I am wide awake but when I am, Jason Momoa could be lying down next to me in a sexy robe and I’d still pass out. If I am sleepy, sex feels like a chore, and if you do it often, eventually, it stops exciting you. I’d rather sleep well and get it going the next morning when I am rejuvenated!

According to a recent study, women who aren’t sleeping well are twice more likely to report issues like lack of sexual interest or pleasure than those who did. Bad sleep quality was measured by the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index, which includes questions about ability to fall and stay asleep, daytime drowsiness and more.

The study also found that good quality sleep was linked with more sexual activity. Senior author Dr. Stephanie Faubion told CNN that isn’t surprising at all! “If you put a platter of sleep and a platter of sex in front of a tired woman, she’s going to pick sleep every time,” said Faubion. This makes me feel I am not alone! I will, definitely, choose sleep when I am tired!

“In an ideal world, every woman should be asked by her primary care provider about her sexual function. Is that happening? No, it’s not happening,” Faubion said. “Sleep may be something easier to ask about, and poor sleep is associated with so many negative outcomes, such as cardiovascular disease. If she’s not sleeping well, that leads you to the next question, because sexual function is probably suffering, too,” Faubion said.

However, the study found that it was not just about sleep duration but overall sleep quality that influenced sexual function in women. If you stay on bed, half asleep for eight hours, it won’t help. But maybe six hours of really sound sleep will. “This study highlights an association between poor sleep quality and sexual dysfunction. These are two common issues for midlife women and asking about and addressing each may contribute to improved quality of life,” said Faubion.

In fact, a previous study says women find it difficult to orgasm when sleep deprived. We know that testosterone is the hormone that makes us horny! Our body needs to replenish it and that happens when you’ve reached the final stage of REM sleep. So if you haven’t slept long or deep enough, you end up not reaching that stage. And hence, your testosterone is not replenished!

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Sleep and sex are interlinked! Did you know there are sex positions that can help you sleep better? “43% of participants saw a rise in their REM sleep when engaging in this popular position (doggy style) – followed by the lotus position at 39% (one partner sits cross-legged, and the other straddles them with faces together), the eagle at 35% (like missionary, but with the bottom person’s legs spread out) and the bridge at 30% (with both feet flat on the floor, support yourself on your arms or hands, creating a bridge with your body, your partner then positions themselves between your legs),” a study by The Dozy Owl says, as reported by MSN.

In fact, when women have sex, our hormones work in a way to help us sleep better. The level of cortisol is reduced by estrogen is increased. This promotes sleep and rejuvenation. Definitely, sleep and sex are related and if you have problems with one, the other is likely to get affected.

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