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Sex Positions That Improve Your Sleep, According To A New Study

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Picture this. You arrive home and your bae has set up a nice date for you, with your favourite dishes on the table, gently lit from all those fairy lights he has strategically placed around them. That, him and two glasses of wine. He has also picked out a very sexy dress for you, which you change into—and all this looks straight out of a movie. You may wonder if the night will end with him on his knees but he is not proposing you, he is just pampering you because you work too hard. The night might however end with you on your fours while you have some intense sex in the doggy style. As you both orgasm, you struggle to gather the will to go pee because you’re suddenly feeling so sleepy. But you want no UTI, so you get cleaned up, change into your PJs and cuddle off into a very peaceful slumber. Great sex and some really good quality sleep – do you know what that feels like? Yeah, I don’t remember either of those.

The pandemic may have you wondering the universe can be unfair at times, but this is really one of its ways of balancing things again. All that sleep you sacrifice to have sex with bae, has a way of being redeemed! According to a new study, there are sex positions that improve your REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. REM sleep involves rapid eye movement, as the name suggests, as well as low muscle tone, dreaming vividly, memory building and mood enhancement. You need this sleep to wake up feeling rejuvenated and also have fully-functional brains which doesn’t make you forget why you entered a particular room, after you’re standing right in the middle of it.

The Dozy Owl conducted a study which analysed the impact of various sex positions on REM sleep. Participants were asked to wear a sleep monitor after they had sex in the position assigned to them. The participants tried 25 sex positions over a period of three months. Also, who are these people who are having so much sex? Or is it just me and my entire friend circle that’s single AF? Anyhoo, these really lucky individuals found that they saw a rise in REM sleep after they had did it in one particular sex position—the doggy style!

“43% of participants saw a rise in their REM sleep when engaging in this popular position – followed by the lotus position at 39% (one partner sits cross-legged, and the other straddles them with faces together), the eagle at 35% (like missionary, but with the bottom person’s legs spread out) and the bridge at 30% (with both feet flat on the floor, support yourself on your arms or hands, creating a bridge with your body, your partner then positions themselves between your legs),” the study says, as reported by MSN.

The doggy style sex position is intense, passionate and can help break the monotony of missionary-like sex positions. I have always recommended this one to spice things up but I had no idea this would so good for our sleeping patterns too! In fact, Lotus, which is one of my favourites, is perfect if you want to opt for slow sex. Taking it slow in bed, enjoying the moment, embracing each other while staring into each other’s eyes with the most meaningful look – what is not sexy about this? Lotus may not make for larger movements but slow grinding would work better than in-and-out movements when it comes to sex. And all that comfort puts you to sleep afterwards!

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The Dozy Owl has been doing all sorts of research on sleep and turns out, ‘female spoon’ sleeping position sees the highest divorce rate. Well. “Unsurprisingly the positions which least ended in divorce all involve intimacy and touching, with couples sleeping face to face, cuddling, tangled up and nuzzling each other going the distance. According to expert Paula Barry, MD, she explained this is likely due to the ‘feel good hormone’, oxytocin, being released when people give and receive affection,” reports

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It sounds like the perfect deal to me, intense passionate sex followed by a good night’s sleep and waking up feeling refreshed the next day. I bet they don’t take into account the regrets and the walk of shame but nothing can redeem that! You gotta let go of that junk, sis. Find someone you can sex it up and cuddle it down and wake up feeling refreshed to some delicious banana pancakes. Okay, I need to keep that romance novel down.

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