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Skip The Romantic Honeymoon! Here Are 5 Adventurous Things To Do Instead

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The romantic honeymoon in a picturesque location is fast becoming an archaic concept. It would make sense to spend lakhs and go to Paris or some such, stay at the Ritz, or some other romantic location from where you can see the leaning tower of Pisa if either you’re filthy rich, or don’t know your spouse from Adam, and want to start this journey together with a hint of cliched romance… because you don’t know what else would be liked! But hey, if you don’t want to be just another couple walking hand in hand with faded mehendi, and shiny chuda, in an idyllic land, then skip that Euro trip, and consider these 5 things instead.

1. Take an international road trip

Pack your bags and food and snake traps and Swiss knife, and of course, passports, and head out on an international road trip. This is how you make the journey more important than the destination.

2. Do a triathlon together

If you are both fitness buffs, why not do something that you both love? Nothing like a multi-sport race to get your adrenaline pumping and work on that team spirit! Here’s to a lifetime of health and happiness!

3. Donate the money to a cause

Instead of spending a sh*t ton of money on a fancy vacation, what if you gave it all away to a cause yu both feel strongly towards? Sponsor a life, maybe? It’s a great way to start your married life.

4. Adopt a pet!

Never too soon to start a family, our grandparents would tell us, right?

5. Get on some DIY around your home

After all, this – your home – is truly where you’re starting your journey together. So, put some effort into making it your own. A little bit of you, a little bit of him, and a whole lot of love!

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