5 Unmistakable Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist And Need To Run For The Hills!

Take notes, fellas!
5 Unmistakable Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist And Need To Run For The Hills!

In the wild world of modern romance, love sometimes runs too close to the danger zone and nothing shouts warning signs louder than a partner with a touch of narcissism and ego. These toxic individuals wrap themselves in charm and mind games, turning love into a chaotic rollercoaster for you. If you’ve been questioning the sanity of your relationship, here are five snappy signs that you might be in the clutches of a narcissist.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Your partner’s constant obsession with their reflection isn’t just a harmless appreciation for their looks, it’s a glaring sign of narcissism! From constant selfies to stopping at every reflective surface to check themselves out, their self-love knows no bounds. Remember, your relationship shouldn’t feel like a supporting act to their one-person show!

Empathy is missing

Empathy is a foreign language to the narcissist. They struggle to connect with your emotions, dismissing your concerns like inconveniences. They often consider their issues the primary goal to address and are too busy to consider anyone else’s. If your partner’s emotional intelligence resembles a sukha khet, beware – you might be dating a narcissist.

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Saada kutta, kutta?

In a narcissist’s game, you’ll be expected to be their number one fan, cheering from the sidelines at all times. Yet, when it’s your turn to shine, their applause mysteriously disappears. It’s hard to get the appreciation you deserve when going out with someone who’s only about themselves. Their constant need for admiration makes you feel like a pawn in their ego-driven game. This is your sign to tell yourself “Apna saman uthao aur phuto yaha se!”

Ye Mood swings khatam kahe nahi hote!

Narcissists are definitely the masters of manipulation. They know exactly what to say and when to switch between charming and heartless in a snap. In the beginning, you’ll be showered with a lot of love and compliments. But trust me, after a while you’ll find yourself jumping around their unpredictable mood swings day and night.

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Blame game ka chakkar

Narcissists have a PhD in dodging responsibility. Confront them about their faults, and like a magician they swiftly make the blame disappear, leaving you doubting your sanity. Whether it’s forgetting anniversaries or more significant slip-ups, your partner’s refusal to own up to mistakes is a neon-red warning sign! If you’re constantly shouldering the blame for your partner’s blunders, you’re deep in the narcissist’s web, girlie.

If any of these signs start showing up in your relationship, it’s a sign that you might be dating someone who’s too full of themselves to even consider you as their priority at any given point. And if you’ve just started seeing the signs, abhi chance hai, bhaag lo!

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