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10 Things You’ll Totally Relate To If You And Your Sibling Have A Huge Age Gap!

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Having a huge age gap between you and your sibling has its’ own set of pros and cons, mostly depending on which end of the spectrum you’re on. There are several times it can be annoying AF, but at other times, you are glad that your parents took time to produce another monkey after so long. Regardless, here are 10 things that you will notice when you and your sibling have a huge age gap.


1. The older one is the default babysitter.

Your parents won’t even think about hiring a nanny when they need to go out. Sadly, the older sibling always ends up being the default babysitter, driver, food delivery guy, and everything in between!

2. You don’t have any mutual friends.

Whether you consider this a boon or a curse, you can’t deny the fact that the two of you will have a totally different circle of friends. While one of you is considering going out for drinks with colleagues, the other is probably planning a sleepover.

3. The younger one gets all the hand-me-downs.

Shopping for new clothes is a once-in-a-blue-moon thing for younger siblings. Your parents just assume you’ll be okay wearing whatever your older sibling has outgrown!

4. You both feel like you’ve grown up with a different set of parents.

The older one still remembers times when going out with a boy was a strict no-no, whereas the younger one can actually have her guy friends over, and your parents don’t have a problem!

5. Your taste in music is poles apart.

This may make the older one feel a little outdated, but jamming to Backstreet Boys will never be a thing the younger one will understand.

6. You’ll both experience what it’s like to be an only child.

While the elder of the two has already experienced this, the younger one gets to see what it feels like when the older one moves out of the house. It’s a win-win!

7. The older sibling more often than not gets mistaken for the parent.

The parent-child relationship between you and your sibling doesn’t even phase you anymore. You just accept it and move on with life. In fact, it is great for when you want to turn a stranger away at a park.

8. The older one ruins all the fun for the younger one.

If the older one blows it even once, it ruins it for the younger sibling. From dating rules to curfew, it’s all dependent on the older sibling.

9. The older sibling will have a fan for life.

The younger one usually ends up copying the older one. It usually ends with the older sibling’s closet being raided!

10. The younger one becomes the source of all the cool things.

Whether you like it or not, you get all the deets on the latest slang, music, and trends from the little one. Having personally gone through this experience, learning about fidget spinners and Fortnite did make me feel a little outdated.


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